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Very creative, engaging freelance writer who aspires to inspire with her written word.

About Me

I am a published children's book author as well as published with two ezine stories. I began freelancing approximately two years ago to broaden my scope of writing, and initiated a term with Upworks approximately five months ago. I have also created a website blog to showcase content. 

I have a love for Delaware where it is quiet and serene and I am able to dive into my passion for the creative process.  I have come up in my writing to where I'm able to produce 4500 words each day. 

I am hoping to meet wondeeful clients on nDash by producing the best content I possibly can.

Industries I Write About


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Science & Medicine

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Real Estate

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

A Mid Century Modern Journey

Mid Century Modern furniture


A Tale of Three Japanese Potteries

Japanese potter


Blockchain For Voting

Blockchain and voting for the future


Can I Walk Backwards On A TreadmillO

Health and fitness


Classic Treasure/1941 Ford Coupe

1941 Fords


Canoe vs Kayak...Which Is Better?

Contrast and compare of canoes and kayaks


Create Your Fashion Show Opener In Minutes

Creating your fashion show intros


Commercial Shave Ice Maker

Commercial Shave Ice Maker is the subject of the article


Do Free Websites Work

Debating the free website phenomenon


The Down Low On Estate Sales

Breaking down the estate sale


Starting A Retail CBD Business In Texas

CBD oil business


Etymotic vs Earpeace Musician Earplugs Compared

Contrast and compare of earbuds


Natural Way Of Weight Loss

An all natural dietary supplement


The Newbie Approach To Investing

Investing tips for those new to it


Selling A House That'sIn Poor Condition

Tips and Ideas


Things That Make Your Home Look Cheap

Ideas for how to make your home look stylish on a budget


Top 5 Tips To Sell Your DC House

Tips and ideas


How To Choose The Best Handyman

Tips and ideas


MetaTrader 5

General article


St. Johns Insurance Company

Overall on the company


AdviceFor Online Baccarat

Tips and ideas


What Are Crop Hoodies And Why Are They The Fashion Craze Right Now

Full article on the fashion trend



Freelance Writer

Six months working with wonderful clients in a variety niches using research and my words were always 100 per cent unique for their content. My clients did not want to let me go when it came time, and I received five-star feedback from them on my profile. Upworks is fantastic and I enjoy it thoroughly, but their rates are not what would be the standard.

Company: Upworks

I worked there from 1/2019 until now


'When His Cheating Became An Affair'...fiction piece

Company: A Sirens Call Magazine

I worked there from 4/2018 until 4/


'Bullying'...general article on bullying

Company: Timeless Moments

I worked there from 4/2018 until 4/


'Mommy's Accident'...children's book

Company: Tate Publishing

I worked there from /2009 until /

Medical Administrative Professional

I was employed in the medical administrative profession as my career for many years until I chose to go after my passion in writing. I was in the medical career path from graduation in high school to what I would deem my middle age. After that point, I chose to follow this dream.


I worked there from / until /

Content I Write