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How to Use GPS Dog Tracking Collars to Help Your Pup Lose Weight

Getting your pup off the sofa and moving on a regular basis is essential to her health and well-being. If you need a tool to support this goal, consider using a dog activity tracker—a type of dog tracking collar that not only complements a dog weight loss program, but also provides you with important health data.


The Dogs of Chernobyl: A Story of Tragedy and Hope

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is not a place most people associate with life. When one of its reactors exploded in 1986, it released radioactive material into the atmosphere, creating one of the most catastrophic nuclear disasters recorded in history.


Should You Enroll Your Pet in a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials provide veterinary researchers with the data they need to develop drugs, procedures and other treatments for our companion animals. Participants may receive access to cutting-edge veterinary care at little or no cost, while contributing to work that can also benefit other animals.