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About Me

Kish Lal is an accomplished writer, editor, and podcaster with a passion for pop culture, internet trends, and developing politics. Experienced in creating smart, funny, nuanced content that engages and informs a broad audience. Bylines at Dazed, VICE, Noisey, Complex, Red Bull, The Hundreds and others. 

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine




My Writing Samples

Top 25 Women Leaders in Tech Services and Consulting of 2019

These exceptional women have developed deep expertise in the technology field, some with distinct specialties, and have progressed rapidly to senior most levels within their organizations.


E-girls and boys’ style is the antidote to the homogenised IG aesthetic

It’s likely that, if you’ve heard of E-girls before, you know them as the wide-eyed, quirky, and beautiful gamers who earn six-figure salaries playing consoles on Twitch – or otherwise by selling their bathwater. Starting life as a misogynistic insult for women whose passion for video games was claimed to be a ploy for male attention and money, the term has evolved and grown to encompass a huge community of Gen-Zers intent on reclaiming it: embracing the aesthetic of those that came before them,


Meet the Unsung Heroes of Streetwear

It's a fact: Streetwear is male-dominated. But here’s another fact: Women have always worked behind the scenes in streetwear to make things happen.



Freelance Writer

Pitching, writing, and developing features, Q+As, news stories, and premium content for the website.

Company: Complex

I worked there from 4/2019 until now

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