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My strong research abilities, exceptional writing proficiency, and keen editorial skills work together so I can help you articulate your vision.

About Me

Mastery of A-Levels in English, History, and Classics, my extensive background as an Assistant Professor of English, and creativity cultivated as a spoken word artist has given me the opportunity to gain experience researching and writing about a great variety of topics.  Through the diversity of my work situations and life experiences, I have refined my abilities which shine through in the superiority of my written text as I have a knack for editing and proofreading.  I am a compiler and researcher by nature and have an extraordinary capability to engage in myriad subject matters simultaneously to fit the project content and/or individual article needs. I can revise written material to meet the requirements of clients, publishers, directors, and/or producers while still maintaining my own personal style and high standards.  I am proficient in writing fiction or nonfiction prose such as stories, biographies, articles, or memoirs. I have experience writing academic articles such as journal articles, conference presentations, and workshop curriculum. I am skilled in writing narratives for dramatic, lyrical, prose or poetry for publication or performance. I enjoy conducting research to obtain factual information. When focused research geared to locating as much authentic detail as I can find using primary and secondary sources for historical narratives, investigative journalism, genealogical research articles, and newspaper features is necessary, I will go above and beyond; I am meticulous.  I will work remotely and am an amicable associate. I tend to think outside of the box, but I am flexible enough to adhere to the client’s vision for their project.

Industries I Write About

Law & Politics

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Health & Wellness

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Assistant Professor of English

Responsible for organizing course curricula, teaching classes, grading papers, and meeting with students. Arranges course material according to university standards and requirements, though they are often allotted considerable freedom in the type and manner they present information. Some specialization in teaching specific subjects or lecturing on a number of topics, such as composition, creative writing, literature appreciation, poetry, prose, etc...

Company: Nassau Community College

I worked there from 8/2010 until now

Content I Write