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Veteran writer and editor.

About Me

I've been writing and editing for over the years, working for multiple media and covering a diverse range of industries. I've written a film scrips and news, academic political science articles and blog posts. If it involves the written word in the English language, I've probably produced it. I specialize in resenting complex concepts in clear, jargon-free English that is accessible to the intended audience.

In early 2018 I was working the editing side of the fence, managing a stable of freelancers producing content for a portfolio of 17 websites. I'm well aware of the pressures editors face and of what writers need to do to minimize those pressures. I'm accustomed to working remotely with minimal supervisions and to meeting both deadlines and expectations, no matter how specialized and arcane those expectations may be. I've worked with SEO specialists with varying approaches and I'm accustomed to adjusting content to conform to the evolving expectations of the SEO trade.

Most of the material I wrote prior to 2016 was for internal distribution to actual or potential clients of the firms I wrote for and is not available online. This material spans a range of industries and types: investment-focused newsletters and reports for both real estate and stock markets, brochures and other marketing materials for real estate projects, and other materials ranging from executive profiles to market studies to portions of SEC filings. Samples are available on request.   

I generally price work at roughly $.20/word, though that can vary depending on the complexity and research requirements of the piece in question. I have been known to provide introductory deals at a promotional rate, as I'm extremely confident in my ability to demonstrate why the asking price is justified.

I'm particularly interested in developing continuing business relationships with clients who have ongoing content production needs.

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My Writing Samples

Children and Internet Safety

Recent commercial writing: 1200 word parent-oriented review of internet safety issues affecting children.


Money Management Tips to Keep Your Marriage Strong

Recent commercial writing: 850-word review of basic financial literacy issues for young couples.


Are Vaccines Safe?

Recent commercial writing: 1600-word review of a significant public health issue. Client requested multiple credible references and an approach that is simple and accessible without lapsing into condescension.


10 Top Apps for Monitoring & Child Safety

Recent commercial writing: product review.


Bad Credit Survival Guide

An example of the content management work I did from 2016-2018. I wrote the intro copy for this hub page and controlled the production process for all article content, from managing the freelance writers through editing, proofreading, and cost reporting.


My Credit Card Helper

An example of the content management work I did from 2016-2018. I wrote the intro copy for this hub page and controlled the production process for all article content, from managing the freelance writers through editing, proofreading, and cost reporting.


Low Income Car Help

An example of the content management work I did from 2016-2018. I wrote the intro copy for this hub page and controlled the production process for all article content, from managing the freelance writers through editing, proofreading, and cost reporting.


Philipine Democracy and the Rule of Law (Journal of Democracy)

Extended political analysis. The topic is obscure but the capacity for research and orderly presentation of ideas is applicable to other fields as well.


Beyond the Abu Sayyaf (Foreign Affairs)

We can't be commercial all the time!


Glass Hill Website

Website for a residential real estate development in Jomtien, Thailand. I wrote all the copy and supervised design based on client specifications and ongoing input.


America at War: Why We Don't Win

Non-commercial writing. An analysis of why the United States fails to win wars on such a regular basis.


Take Back the Immigration Debate

Non-commercial writing: a closer look at the immigration debate and what Democrats can do to reclaim initiative on immigration issues.


Twisting the Past

Non-commercial writing: both conservatives and liberals torture history to justify their current tax proposals.


The Imaginary Socialists

Non-commercial writing: where did all these "socialists" come from, and do we really need to fear them?



Senior Editor

Took over a portfolio of seven article-focused websites and expanded it to 17, providing a continuous flow of new site material while maintaining an aggressive update schedule on existing sites. Recruited and managed a global team of freelance writers in a fully remote virtual office. Developed and implemented quality assurance, workflow management, budgeting, and expense reporting systems. Delivered quality content, on time and on budget.

Company: Arc Services Ltd., Seachange Publishing Group

I worked there from 7/2016 until 1/2018

Writer/Design Supervisor

Provided content production services to a group of companies involved in real estate marketing, construction, heavy equipment trading, and other businesses. Produced written material, including market studies, investor communications, brochures, websites, and other marketing materials. Supervised web and graphic design teams, Developed subject matter expertise across a diverse range of businesses. Worked in and developed communications for multiple business and customer cultures

Company: Consortium of Companies with Common Ownership

I worked there from 4/2003 until 3/2016


Prepared print and online investor relations materials for small-cap and micro-cap companies trading on US securities markets. Produced materials for an extremely diverse range of businesses. Wrote text and supervised design for all materials produced. Provided research support, market analysis, competition analysis, and similar services Supervised web and graphic design team. Worked with client management to identify and refine key messaging. Wrote sections of regulatory filings.

Company: New Age Publishing Inc.

I worked there from / until /

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