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About Me

I have several years of experience writing for a variety of print and online media, specializing in design and construction, legal issues, and environmental and sustainability issues.

I also have an interest in film and television, and write reviews on a semi-regular basis for a local publication.

Industries I Write About




Law & Politics

Real Estate

My Writing Samples


Review of film "Spotlight", written for a local publication.


The Warning Signs of Imposter Syndrome and How it Can Sabotage Your Work

Signs of imposter syndrome, with some remedies.


How to Successfully Onboard New Hires to Your Company’s Culture (Virtually)

Helping the new hire integrate into the company's culture.


FieldChat on the Rise

Description of innovative software that enables communication on job sites, based on a podcast interview between an engineering consultant and the software developer.


40-Year Building Recertifications

Demystifying Florida's 40-year recertification process, including planning for the date, inspections, and major and minor repairs. Based on a podcast interview between an engineering consultant and an architect.


After Irma

Advice from a consulting engineer about dealing with the aftermath of a powerful hurricane, including assessing structural damage and initiating insurance claims. Based on a special podcast episode


Mesh Works for Acute House

Rebuilding on the site of a derelict house, while taking inspiration from the character of the original structure, resulting in the successful fusion of heritage and contemporary design.


Planting Vertical Gardens for Green Facades

An overview of planning and executing a vertical garden, including aesthetic impact, structural issues, plant selection, and maintenance concerns.


Elizabeth Quay Bridge Balustrades

Description of an exciting application of an innovative product, customized to meet challenging environmental conditions and design criteria.


Wall Talk: Barrier Systems

An overview of wall barrier system types, based on a podcast discussion between three engineers that offered comprehensive insight on the pros and cons of the options.



freelance writer

Company: variety of print and online publications

I worked there from 12/2013 until now

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