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Freelance Writer for Hire with 12+ Years Experience and MFA in Creative Writing

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Melanie Green is a freelance writer with more than 12 years of writing experience. After working in corporation positions at McKinsey & Company and Nielsen, I started as a full-time freelance writer. I have a Master of Fine Arts in Writing and a Bachelor of Arts in Writing.

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How to Create a Marketing Offer That Sells Out

After you spend a great deal of money and time creating a marketing campaign, you want it to be successful. It would be ideal if enough people take advantage of your company’s great offer that it sells out. Here are some tips for creating a marketing offer that people can’t get enough of.


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The Best Melatonin For Dogs (2019 Reviews)

Having a dog can be a lot of fun, partly because they can be excited about the smallest things. While an energetic dog can be fun, that energetic personality can also lead to a lot of stress for your dog. Separation anxiety is common in many dogs. Dogs also experience a high level of stress during certain events like vet visits and fireworks shows. Fortunately, you can use melatonin supplements to help them stay calm.



Freelance Writer

Draft white papers, SEO articles, blog posts, digital newsletters, and social media posts for other companies. Write long form Amazon buyer's guides for affiliate marketing websites. Draft research guides for local cities, including overviews of senior care organizations and drug rehabilitation centers. Create email marketing campaigns for B2B clients. Write landing pages for digital marketing campaigns. Develop training pieces for freelance writers and copywriters. Copywrite for Google Ads camp

Company: Melanie Green Editorial Services

I worked there from 7/2010 until now

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