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About Me

I hold a Bachelor's of Science degree in Human Communication with a Business emphasis from Dixie State University, now known as Utah Technical University. While my Master's Degree studies in Marketing and Advertising at Purdue University Online are currently on hold, my extensive experience in commercial contracting, human resources, safety, workplace environment, and finance provides me with a broad range of skills and knowledge to contribute to any project. 

Throughout my career, I've enjoyed contract negotiation, creating HR handbooks, and safety manuals in both public and private sectors. I firmly believe that education, research, and implementation of acquired skills and knowledge are crucial to the success of any business endeavor. 

Over the years, I've provided consulting and content on various topics, such as HR, accounting, safety practices for contractors, creating proposals, customer service, establishing new businesses, geology, DUI attorney websites, general website content, health and wellness, business practices, negotiating contracts, and mediation. I'm particularly passionate about business consulting with minority groups in the US who seek a better life, and I'm committed to helping them navigate challenges and achieve their goals. 

As a writer and avid researcher, I'm always eager to learn about different cultures and company values. I'm committed to providing content that reflects my clients' business acumen and professionalism, and I'm confident in my ability to deliver high-quality work. 

I'm currently enrolled in classes that allow me to stay updated as a technical, content, and ePub freelancer. Additionally, I'm learning Spanish and enjoy traveling domestically and abroad. Having lived in both the US and South Africa, I've got an insatiable drive to learn about people and the world we live in.

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How the tragic death of a University of Utah student helped save my step-daughter.

I sat in the quiet darkened living room listening to what I call the void after my husband and step-daughter had gone to bed. You know that place where nothing exists except for silence and too often, echoes of your worst fears. I’d been watching news reports and reading news articles surrounding missing University of Utah student, Mackenzie Lueck. The story broke earlier that day outlining events surrounding her disappearance on June 17th.


Steps in a Gap Analysis

The gap analysis is an effective and simple tool that allows you to see where you are, where you want to be, and graphically illustrates the gap between the two. Sometimes referred to as a needs assessment, you use it to organize, plan and market your products. It helps you set a time line for the changes to be implemented. A gap analysis finds ways to improve your company's performance. In order to do that, you must know where you are in the moment and where you want to be.


Why I quit NaNoWrImo - Every year since 2010

NaNoWrImO, aka National Novel Writing Month, is for writers to craft 50 thousand words in 30 days. You write 1667 words per day and you will hit that goal. Sounds easy enough right? I sat at my desk for over an hour 7 days ago so proud that I was writing a story for the first time in a very long time. I was going to make it to that finish line if it was the last thing I did. I’d been at it for about an hour when my stomach started knotting up. You know that feeling.


I wanted to be like Hemingway

I have imagined him day-by-day at his trusty typewriter as he spun his tales and imparted his wisdom to all who would pick up his books. For Whom the Bell Tolls and the Old Man and the Sea, stamped indelible marks on my teenage mind and I’ve not been able to shake them since. Through the years I have fantasized about a long conversation over coffee and danishes in which I became one of Ernest’s most cherished friends.


Negotiation Techniques

Related Problems Faced During Negotiations Learn More → Do you remember the old saying, "He who speaks first loses"? Negotiating techniques in the past were primarily focused on the idea that there must be a winner and a loser. There are various negotiating techniques to be considered; win-win, playing hardball and gamesmanship. To know which of these techniques will work best for you, determine first what it is you want to accomplish.



Marketing and Social Media

I'm a freelance writer and consultant with a passion for creating high-quality content on a variety of topics. With my excellent research skills and attention to detail, I'm committed to delivering content that reflects my clients' business acumen and professionalism. I pride myself on meeting deadlines and providing exceptional customer service to ensure my clients are satisfied with my work.

Company: CCP, Inc.

I worked there from 12/2020 until now

President, Human Resources, Finance, Contracts, and Customer Service

With over 15 years of successful entrepreneurial development and ownership in the industrial and commercial roofing industry, I've worn many hats - from office work to roof technician to CEO . Some of the capacities I've served in (but not limited to) include human resources, contract negotiations, RFPs, estimating, accounting, controller, marketing, legal, and customer service. Some days, you could find me out on the roof with my crew discussing safety, employee concerns and quarterly reviews.

Company: Clark's Quality Roofing, Inc.

I worked there from 1/ until /

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