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About Me

Lisa began her career in creative media, working on commercial videos for creative agencies before expanding to content strategy, marketing, and business development.

Her multidisciplinary professional life has carried her across the globe; she has contributed to projects in three different languages for some of the world's most widely recognized names such as Google, VH1, NBCUniversal, L'Oréal, Reuters, Disney, and more.

Lisa holds a Master of Science in International Business from Universitat Pompeu Fabra and a Bachelor of Arts in Global Communications and Film Studies from the American University of Paris. She currently spends most of her time in Connecticut.

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My Writing Samples

How to Make Sure Your Security Deposit is Returned

Security deposits are a major expense involved in renting an apartment, usually equaling one or two months’ rent. When you pay a security deposit, you usually plan on getting it back. But what happens when you don’t get your whole security deposit returned? Follow these tips to make sure you’re not left with a hole in your bank account at the end of your tenancy.


A Complete Change of Address Checklist

We all know that moving is stressful enough on its own, but getting to your new place only to realize you now need to update your address is downright overwhelming. Just think of everyone who still has your old address – anybody from friends to financial institutions could be sending mail to the wrong place. All you need is this complete change of address checklist to make the final moving step a breeze.


Best Cities and Countries for Expats

Is it time to relocate? With more jobs going remote and travel becoming increasingly accessible, moving abroad is now an achievable dream for wanderlusters all over the world. Some choose to become nomads, frequently moving from place to place; others find somewhere to settle down permanently. If you’re considering taking the leap and moving abroad, keep these best expat countries and their top cities in mind.


How to Stay Financially Stable With Remote Work

Dreaming of the remote work life? You’re not the only one. More and more of the workforce is going remote every year as employers and workers alike discover the benefits. Remote employees are less stressed, more productive, and generate a lower impact on the environment. What’s not to like?


Lady Katharine Cruises Hosts First Pride Celebration on the Water

Lady Katharine Cruises and the Essex Steam Train & Riverboat are proud to present the first Pride Celebration on the Water in partnership with Middletown Pride.


Gluten-Free is a Growing Marketing Ploy: Here’s Why That Matters

Being diagnosed with Celiac disease was both the best thing that’s ever happened to me and the worst. On one hand, I finally had an explanation for all the mystery symptoms that had plagued me for as long as I could remember: the headaches, the bloating, the constant fatigue, the difficulty focusing, and even the bald patches that would appear on my scalp from time to time.



Content Strategist

Provide content creation, writing, and strategy consulting services on a contract basis.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 2/2016 until now

Junior Marketing Manager

Oversaw all internal and external marketing initiatives for a holding company in the financial and real estate services industry.

Company: The Westward Companies

I worked there from 11/2014 until 6/2016


Varied long- and short- term position in commercial and television production. Worked on major accounts such as Google, VH1, NBCUniversal, Travel Channel, and L’Oréal.

Company: Production Assistant

I worked there from 6/2009 until 6/2014

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