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About Me

I am a results-producing writer, editor and blogger, communications, and public relations professional with a proven record of accomplishment in planning and leading comprehensive marketing and communications strategies in support of business goals and objectives. 

My areas of specialization include health and wellness, behavioral health, mental health care, psychology of everyday living, addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery, living a joyful and meaningful life and so much more.

In addition to being a past regular contributor to Psych Central, I also produce content for my own website, https://www.suzannekane.net.

I love gardening, walking the nearby scenic mountain trails (being wary of wild critters), creating fabulous salads and dairy-free desserts, my morning Starbucks coconut milk latte, travel, and spending time with loved ones. Life is rich, indeed.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

Science & Medicine


My Writing Samples

Hopeful Research for Cannabis Treatment fo Cannabis Dependency

Whether you’re addicted to cannabis, or severely dependent, if you’ve been unsuccessful reducing consumption with behavioral therapy alone, there may be some hopeful news. Researchers at the University of Sydney have found promising results from their study of a cannabinoid agonist medication that targets brain receptors in reducing cannabis relapse rates. To gain more insight, I spoke with the study’s lead author, Nicholas Lintzeris, of the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Medicine and Health


Savoring Communication: What It Is, Why It Matters

New research from the University of Arizona demonstrates how we savor certain specific types of meaningful conversations. Intrigued by the research that builds on evidence from the field of positive psychology that savoring can enhance well-being, relationships and overall quality of life, I spoke with the author, Maggie Pitts, associate professor in the communication department in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Arizona.


Benzos, Opioids and Z-Drugs: Deadly Combos

With all the news media accounts and reports from governmental health organizations about the opioid epidemic, including the 70,237 drug overdose deaths in 2017, a newly emerging threat is gaining attention: use and misuse of benzodiazepines, opioid drugs and Z-drugs. Specifically, combining these three drugs can create a deadly combination that snuffs out lives.


Aging Gracefully: How to Celebrate Being Older, Better, Wiser

Most of us think we’re pretty savvy, having learned a thing or two from life experiences. Yet, one area where many may be shortchanging themselves is holding onto the mistaken belief that you deteriorate in every way the older you get. While it is true that older individuals are more likely to have one or more medical conditions requiring regular attention, if not medication, getting older does not automatically make you infirm, senile, miserable or unable to get along with others.


Money Can’t Buy Happiness, But It May Help You Earn It

I recall the words to the Beetles’ song from a few years back, “Can’t buy me love…”. The most important part came a few lines later: “I don’t care too much for money, cause money can’t buy me love.” For many people, love means happiness. Being in love fosters strong emotions, including a powerful feeling of happiness that’s so intense, it almost takes your breath away. Yet, while money can’t buy happiness, in the strict sense of the word, having money to spend may help you earn happiness.


How to Recognize a Psychopath

We’re all familiar with famous movie/TV villains such as Hannibal Lecter in “The Silence of the Lambs,” Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock’s psychological thriller, “Psycho,” Dexter Morgan in the Showtime series “Dexter.” What they all have in common is that they’re psychopaths. Most people don’t have to deal with a psychopath on an everyday basis, although some of us have the unfortunate experience of having had to do so. From a personal perspective, here's how to recognize a psychopath.



Writer, Blogger

My new website https://www.suzannekane.net is now online. I'm so excited to share this with you. It's all about living a vibrant and purposeful life. I post a new Daily Thoughts, offering an inspirational quote and some observations based on my personal life experiences. If it helps even one person, I consider it a success. I also write blog pieces regularly on topics pertaining to happiness, joy, fulfillment, how to deal with everyday issues, overcoming fear, reaching your true potential.

Company: Suzanne Kane at https://www.suzannekane.net

I worked there from 5/2016 until now


Writer, blogger and editor for various online websites, including Psych Central. Also a freelance contractor whose past clients include Beach House Rehab Center, Nova Recovery, iSeeCars.com, General Motors' GM BuyPower from 2000-2006.

Company: Kane Communications

I worked there from 1/2000 until now

Staff Writer

Wrote and edited engaging consumer interest stories on addiction and related mental health issues for more than a dozen websites.  Wrote and edited corporate communications, press releases and marketing materials.  Interviewed book authors, wrote and edited profiles, book reviews.  Wrote and edited daily reflections (inspirational content) for Addiction.com blog, continuing a multi-year project for Elements Behavioral Health.  Interviewed key company executives, created biographies

Company: Elements Behavioral Health

I worked there from 6/2013 until 10/2015

Independent Contractor

As an independent contractor for J.D. Power and Associates, provided timely and accurate work on assignment.  Created, edited and finalized copy for JDPA Consumer Web site, including auto show coverage, top 10 lists, new car reviews/previews, JDPA study results, homes and travel sections, etc.  Created, edited, finalized content on course material for Kia account.  Included manuals, online courses, performance assessment, job aids, and storyboards.

Company: J.D. Power

I worked there from 1/2006 until 12/2008

Communications Manager, GM BuyPower

Defined strategy, developed, executed, and managed comprehensive communications plan encompassing integrated marketing initiatives designed to penetrate and grow targeted markets. Communicated with customers, management, internal departments, and vendors to coordinate overall communications effort in accordance with client’s corporate goals. Conducted regional market research and analyses. Played an integral role in product development activities.  Directly interfaced with 5,200+ active dealers

Company: General Motors

I worked there from 1/1998 until 4/2006

Executive Speechwriter

Speechwriter, media liaison for GM's top executives Directed corporate speechwriting efforts at GM’s world headquarters. Directed a team of six outside speechwriters. Wrote speeches for senior management including the president of North American Operations. Developed key messages, materials, and arranged for media interviews.  Designed, developed and implemented executive strategy for annual Traverse City Management Conference, including media training, speech preparation, key messages

Company: General Motors

I worked there from 8/1996 until 12/1997

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