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Accurate and empathetic writing on complex medical and veterinary topics.

About Me

I write books, articles, white papers, and promotional copy on medicine and health. It got my start by making a cold call to the American Botanical Council 30 minutes after their German-speaking biochemist, who was helping them translate a guide to herbal medicine, quit to go on a church mission. I was hired on the spot as a chemist, translator, and editor. A couple of years later I was a coauthor of a science-based guide to herbal medicine. Our book made cover stories on Newsweek and Time and brought me an opportunity to assist the world's bestselling author in natural health. From there I wrote five books of my own, one of which reached 750 thousand readers,as well as dozens of white papers and thousands of articles on health and medicine for print and the Internet.

Nowadays I assist physicians and researchers in preparing papers for professional publications. I do patient education pieces for about 200 optometrists, ophthalmologists, and veterinarians. I write for companies that do cell manufacturing and genetic engineering. I also write to help people understand and care for their pets..

I lived on a working farm for 50 years. I planted my first garden when I was four, and I write about flower gardening and hydroponics. Activities I enjoy but don't write about include hiking, biking, furniture making, simple carpentry, and participating in choirs.

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My Writing Samples

Why Cell Manufacturers Need Content Marketing

In a time when in-person conferences are impossible but innovation unfolds at an accelerated pace, content marketing helps cell, gene, and tissue manufacturers control their connections with their peers and their customers to drive profitable action.


A Guide to the CAR-T Cell Process

Here I assisted a manufacturer in explaining CAR-T cell therapy for leukemia and lymphoma.


How to Avoid Sharing Your Strawberries with Birds, Bugs, and Other Pests

Here is a 2400-word article I wrote about organic pest control for growing strawberries. I pitched the article for anyone who wants to grow strawberries organically, whether home gardener or truck farmer.


Phacilitate Seminars on Cell and Gene Therapy

I write summaries of Phacilitate seminars for furhter editing and medical review.


Building Successful Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Facilities

I do not grow cannabis. However, I was able to apply my experience of growing vegetables and orchids indoors to the requirements of building legal grow rooms for cannabis in Canada.


CBD for Pets: Does It Really Work?

My coauthors and I have been cited as authorities on herbal medicine in the medical literature since 1998. I had to go back to school, however, to learn the cannabinoids. Since the beginning of 2019 I have written approximately 275 articles on CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabis compounds


Should You Be Growing Strawberries Indoors?

Here is a 3600-word article I wrote for commercial strawberry growers considering growing strawberries in greenhouses.

http://Should You Be Producing Strawberries Indoors? Producing fruits and vegetables is a demanding profession requiring multiple technical skills. While consumers may believe that all we do is stick a seed in the ground and watch it grow, every truck farmer ha

Picking the Right Frames for Your Eyeglasses

I do brief patient education articles for dozens of ophthalmologists, optometrists, and veterinarians. Here is an example of a 500-word blog post optimized for local SEO.


How to Introduce Pets

One of my favorite topics is pet care. Here is an article of 2,268 words on successful pet introductions.




I worked there from 4/2019 until now


I worked there from 5/2019 until now

I write health guides for pet care, including over 200 presentations on feline health and dozens of articles about breed-specific care of dogs.


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