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Communication Consultant, Writer and Editor

About Me

I'm a native English writer (and editor, translator and teacher). That means you get a proofreader and language geek for free when we work together!

Hire me to produce thought-provoking, value-laden and thoroughly readable content on communication, travel, culture, food, hospitality, wellness, lifestyle and human interest. And if you have a special request, send it on; I'm a flexible sort. My aim is to give your audience an enjoyable reading experience, and make your brand a memorable source of content and value for them - which ultimatey leads to sales.

My experience of living and working in eight countries and using four languages has contributed to my ability to connect sensitively with readers of various cultures and backgrounds - and gain a wider perspective wherever I go.

When I'm not writing, I'm reading, hiking the peaks of Tenerife, warming my Irish bones in my second home of the Mexican Caribbean, and consuming whatever gastronomic delights come my way between the two.

Find me at iguanatalkinternational.com and feel free to get in touch to discuss idea generation for your brand.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness


My Writing Samples

In Good Hands with Chef Francisco at La Cocina

Advertorial in The Playa Times newspaper, commissioned by our client Grand Hyatt Resort, Playa del Carmen. I interviewed the chef in Spanish and wrote the article in English. The original gained 4763 views on the newpaper’s website, in addition to a print circulation of 10,000 copies. The piece involved visiting the restaurant, sampling the menu, interviewing the team, translating the interview, and adhering to the client's style and objectives for the marketing piece.


Communication for Wellness

This personal blog post was inspired by Global Wellness Day. I used the National Wellness Institute's six areas of wellness as a structure for the post. The rest of the content was based on my own work in the domain of communication.


It's Raining Again - What to Do When the Weather Lets You Down on Your Travels

Written for my own Iguana Travel blog - an upbeat piece with suggestions on how to make the most of bad weather when travelling, and examples from my own experiences.


New Kid in Town – 10 Ways to Break the Ice in a New Location

A post for both my communication and travel blogs. It's a practical guide on how to get to know a new place, people, network and add value to your new location and community.


People of Playa: Joe Biner - Disability or Possibility?

A human interest piece based on an interview with an advocate for improved disability awareness and access in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Written for The Playa Times newspaper, the piece received over 3000 views online in addition to a print circulation of 10,000.


10 Ways to Enjoy Yourself and Boost Your Communication Skills at the Same Time

Personal development isn't always easy or fun. In this personal blog post, I share a list of ways to maximise your time, hone your skills and enjoy yourself. This piece is an informative advertorial for my communication and langauge skills training.


Imagine ...

Inspired by Earth Day (and John Lennon's lyrics), this editorial piece takes the narrative about the negative impact of tourism and inverts it to make a hopeful suggestion for what could be if we all adopted a responsible tourist attitude.




Professional communication services promoting language as a powerful tool that enables positive change: copywriting; copy-editing and proofreading; translation; strategic communication consulting and training for corporate, academic and entrepreneurial arenas.

Company: Iguana Talk

I worked there from 6/2015 until now


Wrote on a variety of topics (community, experiences, gastronomy, human interest, travel) and created compelling targeted copy for advertising clients. Editorial coordination of 10+ international contributors to an English-language newspaper aimed at the tourist and foreign resident population of Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Company: The Playa Times

I worked there from 12/2016 until 6/2018

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