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Education, Technology and E-Learning

About Me

Learning, Education and Ed Tech Writer

For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by learning and education.

As technology unlocks the world's knowledge, our biggest challenges involve turning that knowledge into learning and education.

For the past five years or so, my work has involved education projects like university accreditation, program design and regulatory compliance.

I have also worked extensively in faculty management and institutional governance,
academic program review, assessment for higher education and online education and training.

Currently, I work and write about learning, design for experiential learning to self-learning and the impact of technology on the learning process.

Through the Plexo Center, my colleagues and I are working on a set of accreditation standards for independent learning. My ebook, tentatively called "Learning to Learn How to Learn" is in process, with publication scheduled for Fall of 2020.

I enjoy taking on education projects that promise to benefit students, improve education and use learning to uplift the human condition.

Over 20 years ago, author Peter Senge said that learning is the only sustainable competitive advantage. Today, learning and education are our best tools for a bright, sustainable future.

From course descriptions, catalogue policies and accreditation writing to marketing copy and blog posts, I look forward to working together to create and promote your education efforts.

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My Writing Samples

A Leader's Brief Guide to AI Disruption

Artificial Intelligence promises to disrupt every aspect of our lives and work. For those charged with guiding an enterprise through the era of AI disruption, a steady hand can lead to unprecedented opportunity.


Introduction to the Facebook® Ad Pixel

Facebook® enables advertisers of all sizes a way to reach their audiences with highly targeted messages and calls to action. A high level understanding of the company's core tool, the Ad Pixel, gives insight into its function, opportunities and ethical considerations.


Ebook: Assessment Framework for New University

The road to learning assessment for a startup university can be daunting. However, a strategic approach integrates assessment with the natural growth of programs, faculty and student enrollments.


How to Write a Microbook: A Guide for Authors

The microbook is an emerging form of publication that combines book architecture with the relative brevity of long form articles. This article provides the guidelines for writing a microbook and a template for creating one.


Transition to Salesforce® Lightning: An Expert's View

As Salesforce® rolls out its Lightning platform, both new and legacy users face technical and organizational challenges. This article summarizes an expert's view of the steps to implementation.


Explainware: Bridging Gaps in Technology Communication

Good explanations can create shared understanding. Especially in areas like technology, where complexity can set in quickly, good explanations can help close the communication gaps in sales, deployment and user adoption cycles.



Freelance Content and Copy Writer

Produce articles, blog posts, e-books and social media posts for education, technology and premium consumer products and brands. Experience includes content for leading educational brands, technology projects and ghost writing for a leading speaker-author. Content topics range from extreme technology to education reform, career development, change management and analytics. Copy subjects include B2B profiles, real estate listings and web sites, fiction and non-fiction e-books and courses.


I worked there from 1/2013 until now

Director of Assessment and Academic Dean

Led initial accreditation effort for startup online university. Wrote institutional self-study, official catalog, assessment framework and development plan. Coordinated faculty-led process for institutional learning outcomes and revamped course structure. Led campus visit as Liaison Officer for evaluation by US regional accreditation agency.

Company: LIGS University

I worked there from 11/2017 until 2/2019

Course and Program Developer

Produced education and e-learning programs and courses for company initiatives and for clients. Created courses in adaptive and project-based formats as well as standard lesson and module delivery. Built courses and programs across a diverse spectrum of topics including management and leadership, technology and science. Created and launched a degree-granting online university. Developed and deployed two MBA programs in management and health care administration areas.

Company: Canis Learning Systems, Inc

I worked there from 8/2008 until 12/2017


Covered college sports, NFL and NASCAR for a media company dedicated to brief, 150 word stories delivered via text messaging. Stories included game and event reports, athlete and team profiles. Filed over 600 reports in approximately 15 months, including live coverage of Final Four, Super Bowl and Daytona 500.

Company: DropIn Media

I worked there from 10/2012 until 12/2014

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