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writer, photographer, researcher, systems thinker

About Me

Susan Johnson is a graduate of the Open University with a masters degree in Systems Thinking in Practice.  Susan's thesis included research on interoperability as it impacts on energy systems.

Susan takes a non-technical approach to interoperability to investigate its relevantance to all types of system.  This is a complex subject with implications on a worldwide scale and reaches into every aspect of daily life.

Interoperability is a much overlooked topic and Susan continues to be both fascinated and concerned by the general lack of focus on this important subject.

An experienced photographer with over 1500 stock library images.

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Interoperability - definition and responsibility

The key findings were; there is no recommended definition of interoperability with some regarding the issue as just technical and others taking a wider brief into informational and organisational areas. Additionally, most stakeholders were unclear about company/organisation responsibility for interoperability.




Masters degree in Systems Thinking in Practice

Company: Open University

I worked there from /2016 until /

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