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About Me

I am passionate about holistic health, plant-based whole-foods diets. environmentalism, yoga, and hiking. I love geeking out on researching new topics. I am a sci-fi and animation buff and love to binge watch DreamWorks and Pixar films. In my spare time, I draw and do 3D models for print.

I graduated from Tatnic Hill School for Environmental Studies in the woods of Maine and even learned to build a yurt!

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Science & Medicine

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My Writing Samples

FAQ page for holistic health site

PLANT-BASED WHOLE-FOODS ANSWERS There’s a lot of confusion about what is the best diet for humans. In the past 20 years, processed foods have become ubiquitous, and many of us don’t even know what real food is or how to prepare it.


Plant-Based Nutrition Primer

Eating an unprocessed diet high in fiber and nutrients is a sustainable long-term strategy that can keep you thin and healthy without having to struggle. You won’t have to fight your appetite or go hungry. This is a way of eating you can follow for your whole life.


Are Your Gut Bacteria Making You Fat?

For years I was being pushed around by microscopic bacteria that lived in my gut, but I didn’t know it! For years I was being pushed around by microscopic bacteria that lived in my gut, but I didn’t know it!


The Fifty First Dates Method of Email Engagement

How do you gain the trust of your audience? Don’t scare them away with “stranger danger.” Make it clear in your subject line who you are. Identify your brand again in the first paragraph of your email, and tell them why you are in their inbox. Even if they signed up for your offer 5 seconds ago, they have probably forgotten.


Naturopathic Midicine Treats the Whole Person

I met Dr. Rebecca Green, the Clinical Director of Peninsula Integrative Medicine while looking for an externship for my medical assisting certificate at the Mountain View Los Altos Adult School, (MVLA). I wanted to work in an alternative clinic and was lucky enough to find Peninsula Integrative Medicine in Palo Alto. It was a chance for me to experience naturopathic medicine first hand.


The Dirty Little Secret the Diet Industry Doesn't Want You to Know

If you are one of the over 45 million Americans who has gone on a diet this past year only to gain the weight back and then some, you have a lot of company. Of all the people who try diets every year, most of us gain back all the weight we lost and a little more. After years of dieting, many people gradually become obese a little at a time. All the sudden you are buying those XXL T-shirts, and it feels like there are two of you living in one body!


7 Steps to Choosing Your Niche and Audience

So, you want to start a blog or a business with a blog /website, and you keep hearing that you are supposed to narrow it down and choose your “niche” whatever that is, and your “audience” whoever they are. You keep hearing how important it not to be a generalist in your field. Trying to appeal to too many different industries and people is impossible. Your niche is the general industry or topic you will be creating within, writing about and focusing on or creating and marketing products for.


How to Find Modeling Gigs Even if You Don't Fit the Sterotype

Types of modeling I will share Art model/anatomy model Photography model/lingerie model Fashion and commercial print modeling Modeling sounds glamorous and hard to get but I am no glamour queen and modeled for art classes, photography classes from 18 to 50 and lingerie modeling from the ages of 43 to 47 (Not the ages you typically think of for this) when I lived in LA where there were millions of gorgeous young women to compete with.


Learning Resilience with Quadriplegic Extreme Athlete Tony Schmiesing

Talking nutrition and resilience with Tony Schmiesing, a quadriplegic adaptive extreme athlete for High Fives Foundation. Tony is the only adaptive athlete to have skied the X Games in Aspen Colorado, and the first adaptive athlete to ski the Superpipe in Squaw Valley. Tony is also a musician, filmmaker, graphic designer, and writer.


Climate Change Solutions Not Trillion-Dollar Band-Aides

How is doing the same old thing going to bring us a new solution? We are spending billions of dollars putting our finger in the dike with the same old systems that got us into this ecological mess in the first place. Instead, we need to scrap the old model to build a better solution. J. Morris Hicks, The Big Picture Guy, suggests we sack the whole crumbling behemoth and start over with a new Green Belt called GRATOLA.



Freelance consumer product review writer

I am a freelancer at Sleep Help, where I write in-depth reviews of specific products as well as comparisons, including research, trends, and details.

Company: Sleep Help

I worked there from 6/2019 until now

Writer, designer

I create web-page copy, email funnels, landing pages, blog posts, eBooks and provide upkeep for WordPress sites.

Company: Mind-Body Clarity

I worked there from 2/2018 until now

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