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About Me

I'm Leslie Williams, a copywriter and marketing consultant specializing in the medical device, life science and regulatory industries.  

I spent over sixteen years working for large medical device corporations, refining my copywriting and content creation skills before deciding to move into consulting a few years ago.  

In my spare time, I travel in my fire-engine red RV to new cities, exploring hiking and sightseeing and eating adventures across the US and Quebec.

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine

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Science & Medicine

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My Writing Samples

Cosmetic Regulations and the FDA

Deciphering FDA cosmetic regulations is a bit like solving a puzzle. There are clear directives guiding the manufacture and packaging of a cosmetic product, others to prevent misbranding, adulteration, or the use of certain banned substances. But deciding whether a product is a cosmetic or a drug — and which regulations apply to which product — can be like trying to fit jagged pieces together while blindfolded and with one hand tied behind your back.


Projects, Problems and Performance Metrics: Streamlining the Product Launch Process

Companies are implementing well-defined and standardized new product introduction processes that expedite product launches by aligning departments, tracking action items, and keeping the entire team adequately and accurately informed of project status and updates. However, following a complicated introduction process can be equally as frustrating, intimidating, and byzantine as launching without a formalized process. Lack of project ownership, disjointed or incomplete communication..........


Losing My Oldest and Most Loyal Friend

I said goodbye to an old and loyal friend yesterday. It was just as heartbreaking as you would expect, and no easier than the last time I had to part with a beloved canine companion. We had been together for thirteen years, through two moves, three job changes and the death of my husband, and through it all Tucker was goofy........


Yes You Can Reinvent Yourself and Your Career at the Midpoint

OK - dust off your hands, clean out your cubicle, turn in your ID badge and toss your resume onto the fire of your career reinvention. Time to break out of the same traditional and expected pathway to retirement that your parents and grandparents followed, time to find your passion and your future and an entirely new way of earning.



Founder and Principal Writer

Freelance writer specializing in medical device, regulatory affairs and quality assurance writing. Copywriting | White Papers | Case Studies | Press Releases | Brochures | Articles | Content Creation | Social Media Management | Blogs | Publications

Company: Leslie Williams Writes

I worked there from /2019 until now

Senior Marketing Manager, Product Launch Strategy and Sales Support

Managed the complete product lifecycle of the urinalysis business, crafting the roadmap, designing the marketing plans, and establishing sales and revenue targets and key performance metrics for a broad portfolio of products.. Established value proposition, messaging and positioning statements and overall marketing communications strategy for new urinalysis product line.

Company: Sysmex America, Inc.

I worked there from /2012 until /2018

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