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About Me

I'm Kendra and I love writing about influential topics starting at macro level of industries that trickle down to effect the micro and personal. This includes industries like Public policy, farming, ranching, management and sports officiating.

If you are interested in a writer that will dig to find hard facts and in-depth data to bolster arguments for your brand; that's me.

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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

US Should Return to Gold Standard to Improve Economy

Reasons the gold standard could improve the financial standing of the United States.


Raising Minimum Wage Has Consequences

Variables that make minimum wage what it is.


Growing National Debt Problem Difficult to Solve

Options to reduce and continue to decrease national debt in the United States.


Tech Libraries Serve as Culture, Information Hub

The importance of libraries and verified information in the digital age.


Colorado Marijuana Laws Have Mixed Tourism Effect

Marijuana in Colorado and the tourist effects it brings with it.


Texas Must Improve Child Literacy Rates

Low literacy rates in Texas.


US Should Take Caution in Cuban Policy Changes

Potential dangers of international trade relations between the United States and Cuba.


Publishers Fail to be Fair at Times

Textbook publishing and the bias that they allow in their books.



Opinions Columnist

Texas Tech University newspaper where I wrote opinions on current events and ideology that was effecting the college campus at the time.

Company: The Daily Toreador

I worked there from 9/2014 until 11/2015

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