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Creative writer and Marketing Specialist

About Me

I write about all types of marketing topics in a wide variety of industries, utilizing my Marketing Degree and MBA.

What one customer says: "I’m so excited to take my marketing to the next level with Dan. As a former media buyer and account rep at a large ad agency, I feel like I’m getting a large ad agency creative, skills and advice at affordable rates. Thank you Dan!!"

I provide content editing for all types of business writing. I have worked on:
Business Plans
Corporate emails
Technical business articles
Complex medical articles
40 page contractual agreements which involved 18 companies
A 625 page doctoral dissertation in the educational field
Responses to a Request For Proposal

I  write scripts for whiteboard and explainer videos.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness


My Writing Samples

PTSD - And Didn't Know It

I spent many years walking around with the symptoms of PTSD, but had no idea why.


Finding A Safe Place Is Important For PTSD Recovery

Effective PTSD recovery entails having a safe place to deal with issues which arise.


The Courage To Confront PTSD

While it may be tempting to avoid dealing with PTSD, the courageous path is to confront it directly.


When My PTSD Gets Triggered

Certain things can trigger my PTSD, and I have to know what to do in that case.


PTSD Recovery: Try Using Inner Child Exercises

Accessing the wounded child within is an important element of PTSD recovery.


Dealing With PTSD: The Importance of Rest

PTSD is a very draining struggle, and rest is an important part of healthy recovery.


PTSD Recovery: Asking For Help

It was an important part of my healing process to ask for help when I needed it.


Establishing Boundaries in PTSD Recovery

To feel safe, it is important to set safe boundaries with those around us.


Healing My Anger - Defusing a Time Bomb

I thought for years I was a happy-go-lucky guy, but in reality, I was sitting on a huge amount of anger - and wasn't sure why.


The Hunt

I didn't want to go hunting with my Dad and his buddies. But I was 14, and couldn't say no. So we went out in an unsafe situation, and it was terrifying.


They'll Call You Crazy and Lock You Up!

I had an enormous writer's block for years, and had to dig deeply into my childhood to find out why.


A Conversation With Dad

I took an unusual step to heal the old wounds with my father - because he had passed away.


Fight Night

My Dad wanted me to learn how to box - it led to a horrific event in my childhood.


Thoughts On My Inner Child

To heal the deep wounds felt by that sensitive child who hid within me, I had to learn more about that part of my psyche.


Overcoming The Fear - Facing The Past

Trying to walk around the pain from childhood abuse doesn't bring resolution and peace. The pain must be faced and released to have true healing.


Testing My Writing Ability

I had to find out if I had a writing ability. So I took a creative writing course, and gained a more powerful confirmation than I anticipated.


Writing Through PTSD

How the writing process has helped my recovery from PTSD.


A Writer's Journey of Inspiration

As I visited the important places from my past, I gained confidence in my writing gift.


Breaking Through - The Other Side of Writer's Block

As I reflected on my writing gift, I began to appreciate and incorporate it in a whole new way.


Exploring The Artist's Way

The book The Artist's Way is a powerful tool for a writer who wants to solidify his craft.


Developing A Writer Network

Learning the power of networking for a writer.


Writing Critique Groups - Yes or No?

What are the benefits and potential pitfalls of becoming a member of a writing critique group?


Agents and Editors Conference

A writer's experience of the benefits from going to a writer's conference, and pitching a manuscript to a literary agent.


Publishing Short Works

This is a discussion of the benefits for a writer to publish short works.


Radio Publicity For A Writer

How do you get the word out about a book you've published? Let's take a look at radio.


Websites For Authors

A website is a key element of the business side of the writer's life.


Pitch Meetings With Literary Agents

What are the benefits of meeting with a literary agent in a short session to pitch your manuscript?



Freelance Writer

I edit business content, ranging from business plans to product development statements. I provide marketing content for business sales brochures. I write scripts for whiteboard and explainer videos. I provide a "second set of eyes" for short creative content, to edit and polish the work.

Company: Independent on Fiverr Platform

I worked there from 10/2015 until now

Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer I have written articles on a variety of topics. I have written extensively about my experience with PTSD, and published a number of articles about my experience with being a writer. I published 146 articles for an online magazine. Wrote and had published 107 unattributed travel articles, over 500 articles for various other clients on a wide variety of topics: swimming pools, aviation safety, aqua aerobics, diabetes, adolescent drug addiction, and tugboat software issues.

Company: Dan L. Hays Writing Services

I worked there from 2/2012 until 4/2015

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