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About Me

My name is Linda Robinson. I have been a writing for over 30 years. I have written for magazines, cover letters and many featured human interest stories.  I have written hubs and hundreds of blogs as well as short stories. I also write poetry. I write about any and every topic you can imagine. I am very well educated on thousands of diverse subjects. I have dealt with hundreds of different clients.  I have worked with a prominent doctor writing for him to help students thinking about pursuing the field of medicine. 

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Barely Breathing Just Above A Whisper Calling My Name

Just above a whisper I heard my husband called up to me from downstairs. It was a miracle that I heard him at all. I ran to his side and he was doubled over in the chair just barely breathing. He was in excruciating pain. We didn't know what was happening but feared that it might be another heart attack. 911 was immediately called and within minutes our kitchen was filled with paramedics, police and fire fighters. Everyone was scrambling to begin working on Bill to get him stable.



Publisher And Editor Of A Major Magazine Hibu As Well As A Top Company Magazine

I worked for two major magazines. Hibu I interviewed people and wrote their human interest stories. I wrote many featured stories and a few cover stories. For Syracuse Plastics a company in New York who I worked for a few years. I was in complete charge of the business magazine both for the several offices as well as the warehouse. I wrote several articles a month, as well as blogs and the company functions. I kept the employees informed about day to day and breaking news and essential info.

Company: Hibu, Syracuse Plastics

I worked there from 5/2010 until 4/2015

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