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Experienced content marketing pro

About Me

My career has spanned a number of industries and disciplines – journalism, entrepreneurship, executive marketing management, and consulting with clients around the United States.

For the past five years, I've served as a professional communications consultant, content editor and writer. I've written thousands of blog posts, articles and other content pieces in a wide range of areas, including:

*Leadership and management
*Senior living and geriatric wellness
*Media and marketing
*Health and wellness
*Business and finance
*Politics and government

My career has included serving as a reporter and editor for weekly and daily newspapers, owner of an advertising and marketing agency, and VP of marketing for a prominent senior living provider.

In my marketing positions, my responsibilities have included:
*Developing and overseeing brand strategy.
*Writing strategic marketing plans and media plans.
*Selecting and working with creative vendors.
*Maintaining editorial and graphical standards throughout my organization and our client communities.
*Significant writing and editing, in a number of capacities.
*Overseeing search-enging optimization and online advertising strategies and tactics.
*Public speaking at conferences and seminars.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

Law & Politics



My Writing Samples

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Independent Communications Consultant, Writer and Editor

Serving clients in various industries with content strategy, marketing and communications plans, writing and editing, vendor engagement and oversight, media planning, positioning and brand platforms, social media planning and execution, search-engine optimization, and public and media relations.

Company: Lisa Wynne Consulting

I worked there from 7/2014 until now

Director of Integrated Communications

Responsibilities included direction and oversight of all creative communications for Spectrum’s clients and consultants as well as providing creative marketing leadership and direction to Spectrum; developing marketing and sales plans, situation and competitive analyses, positioning statements, brand platforms, and integrated communications plans and budgets; assisting in identifying and engaging vendor partners in a variety of creative fields; art direction and oversight of creative partners.

Company: Spectrum Consultants, Inc.

I worked there from 2/2013 until 7/2014

Vice President of Marketing

Responsibilities included supervision of sales team; creation and execution of strategic marketing plan and budget; tracking, compilation and analysis of marketing metrics; concept development, creative direction and oversight of all advertising, public relations, collateral materials, website, public outreach and sales processes. Served as Carolina Meadows spokesperson. Served as key member of executive team and worked in cooperation with CEO to determine company-wide strategic planning.

Company: Carolina Meadows

I worked there from 6/2009 until 2/2013

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