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Anna is a Marketing Manager and Freelance Copywriter. She specializes in creating digital content that tells a story. Anna's process includes thorough research, identifying a target audience, optimizing keywords, backlinking, and crafting an exceptional and repeatable brand voice. Anna has written for a variety of industries including Art & Design, Food & Beverage, Technology, Lifestyle, Medical, Manufacturing, and Online Retail.  

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My Writing Samples

Employee Appreciation is a Key to Success

Examines how employee appreciation is integral to the success of Allegiant. Incorporate employee and management interviews as well as supporting data.


Discover Your Brand Personality - Take the Quiz!

Examines the importance of a strong brand personality to connect with you target audience. Take a custom quiz to discover which of the 6 brand personalities best fits you and your brand.


Email Marketing Frequency: How many emails are too many?

This blog examines frequency and offers practical advice to help you build an effective email marketing program.


The Do's and Don'ts of a Prenatal Massage

A video blog guiding you through some common do's and don'ts for a safe and effective prenatal massage.


Releasing Toxins Through Massage: How Does it Work?

A blog that examines how massage therapy can help your body release toxins.


Coronavirus in Chicago: Protect Yourself

Important coronavirus updates and advice to protect yourself from the pandemic.



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