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About Me

For decades I have had professionals; teachers, professors, superiors and even other writers indicate that I have talent with the written word.  Even though I did not make my living as a writer, I have had the honor of serving both my country and community as a soldier and a police officer for three decades.  As I age, I find myself with a desire to earn a living with the natural talent I was given, something I can do anywhere in the world and out of the comfort of my home.   I am currently working on my first fantasy novel and pursuing a Master’s in Creative Writing.  I  have a BS in Criminal Justice, with a concentration in law enforcement.  My interests are varied and lengthy but let’s just say I enjoy all the cool stuff that shapes a man or makes me sweat….and my wonderful doggies! Professionalism has been beat into me for most of my life, so let an old soldier show what he can do for you!

Industries I Write About

Law & Politics

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

General Washington's secret to success

At the beginning of the Colonial Revolutionary War, the Americans who volunteered to fight were poorly equipped and trained. They were facing the most powerful ground force on Earth, the British Army. General Washington had extensive military experience, fighting in the French and Indian War with both successes and defeats to refer to in the upcoming struggle. Washington realized from the beginning that he would not be able to stand “line abreast” against the British, and that new tactics of


Demons aprowl...

Late at night the demons prowl, They slink and slither, howl and growl. Bloody fangs crimson with liquor of life, Crush and gulp, tear and rend, teeth as a knife. The village is burning, the farmers all dead, Yet through the streets the demons still tread. Looking for more, rape and havoc yet done, The spawn of Hell, thy morals have none. They crack the doors and search the rooms, They eat the dead, they despoil the tombs. Cows and pigs, chickens and geese, Nothing is safe from those dreadful


Death Scene

The crime scene examination and subsequent search should be done in a careful and methodical manner. After talking to the officer(s) who were the first ones on the scene and learning from them of any changes that might have been made since their arrival, such as turning lights on or off or opening doors or windows or possible evidence contamination. Start the examination by working your way towards the body using great care to avoid disturbing or destroying any evidence as you do.


Forms of Human Trafficking

When the Soviet Union fell apart and the Eastern Bloc countries dissolved, it paved the way for criminal organizations to flourish. Women and teenage girls were abducted, kidnapped right off the street and transported to different eastern European countries and forced into prostitution working in brothels. Migrant workers are lured to the U.S. with the promise of good paying work. They will either spend thousands of dollars or be forced to haul illegal drugs into the country. Then they are...


Our Atlantic

The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest, spanning approx. 41,100,000 sq. miles. It covers 20% of the world's surface and contains 26% of the world's water. Its deepest point is 28,374 feet. Its name is derived from the Greek Titan Atlas, making it the Sea of Atlas, although there is speculation that the Atlantic is actually named from the lost city of Atlantis. Early Greeks believed that the Atlantic was actually a large river that circled the world. The ocean is roughly S-shaped, lying...


The Old Man and the Sea

Mr. Hemingway wrote this novel, or novella, in 1951 and was his last major, fictional work that he published. It received the Pulitzer Prize in 1952 and Mr. Hemingway received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954. Although Mr. Hemingway's work is considered controversial by some for its validity as a masterpiece worthy of the Nobel, it is a moving tale of honor, sacrifice and overcoming adversity. It is the story of Santiago, an old man living in a poor, dilapidated village in Cuba that draws..


College vs. Experience

I am against the requirement of a four year degree for an entry level position. However, obtaining a four year degree shows commitment, dedication, intelligence and ensures that the recruit would have a better understanding of law enforcement (if the degree is in criminal justice) or at least more capable in thriving in a classroom environment learning new and exacting skills. They are much more likely to be computer literate, grammatically superior to those without a degree, etc.


The Challenge

Hand down, claws outstretched on the thick sand of the arena floor, Clas-rie, or champion select Slie-oyta was down on one knee panting heavily as he glared daggers of determination at his opponent. Tes-La, one of the clan’s champions, was stooped over and resting his forearms against his knees, bracing his tail hard against the ground to take some of the weight from his trembling legs. Lungs heaving, mouths agape, both were parched from the cloying dust generated by the intense combat of the..


Diving in Crete

Last summer my wife and I spent our vacation in the small town of Agia Pelagia, located on the Grecian Isle of Crete. Liane and I decided quick, fast, and in a hurry that all future vacations will be spent with us being under the sea. Even though my wife is a brand new diver, it didn’t take her long to fall in love with the charm that the ocean can offer. A new world, complete with it’s own set of rules, did not deter us from exploring the mutual compassion we both felt for the open water....



US Military Army

Combat Control, Security Police, K-9 Handler, Forward Observer, Military Police, Investigations, CSI Instructor, Duty Officer, SWAT, sniper, hostage negotiator, 24 years. I have written training outlines, policy changes, course curriculum and a host of other written works in all these positions.

Company: Army/USAF

I worked there from 3/1982 until 12/2011

Police Officer

I was responsible for the enforcement of law, to maintain law and order, preserve the peace, and to protect life and civil rights within the jurisdiction of military installations. Perform and enforce the full range of police officer duties within Lackland AFB and Medina Annex, Randolph AFB and Seguin Army Airfield. Detailed and exacting report writing was a large component of this position, along with research into local code, state law and federal criminal code.

Company: Dept. of the Air Force Police

I worked there from / until /

Martial Arts and Children's Self Defense Instructor

Teach a variety of students of all ages Kung Fu, Japanese Karate and mixed martial arts concepts to include boxing. I created various literature for the students explaining the systems, history, and all phases of training.

Company: Self employed, various schools

I worked there from 6/1985 until 5/2008

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