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About Me

Real talk: your readers are tired of being sold to.


They’re actively seeking connection—real, honest connection—with the people and brands they admire.

(That’s you!)

But the email marketing methods we’ve been taught—by smarmy men and slick-suited Internet gurus, cough cough—aren’t about connection or inspiration.

You know this.

You’ve tried to bend their methods into something that feels true to you—something that  doesn’t feel manufactured or salesy or manipulative—wriggling your message into those “tried and true” structures like a too-tight pair of jeans.

If you want to inspire a cult following, you need to stop thinking about how to get your reader to do what you want—and start thinking about what you can GIVE them.

Give them wisdom. Give them inspiration. Give them a reason to laugh, to remember that they’re not alone.

Give them an enjoyable read.

That’s how you take your emails from “lost in the sea of 9,436 unread messages” to “devoured like a bag of mini peanut butter cups”.



a talented storyteller who
understands the principles of effective copy but
doesn’t believe in manipulating people and
knows that email marketing is a long game (engagement metrics > dollar signs)
who expertly weaves these ideas together in
every piece of copy she writes while
utterly nailing your voice


You gotta know the rules to break the rules.

When I started wrangling words for money, I soaked up every “tried and true” copywriting method, template, and best practice I could get my hands on.

I read my Seth Godin. I know my Ash Ambirge (hey girl heyyy!). I’ve done my best to wrestle a PLF template into something that sounds remotely human; I’ve gleefully ignored Gary Vaynerchuk for years. (Seriously. STOP YELLING AT ME, DUDE.)

But here’s the thing about copywriting formulas. When we all follow the same rules, everything on the Internet ends up sounding the same—stilted, shouty, fake, tone-deaf.

(Not to mention, boring as hell.)

When we stop talking about real human things, we lose our connection to real humans.

And if you don’t give a shit about the writing itself, you can’t deliver emails that are worth your readers’ time. You’ll just ANNOY them, like everyone else in their overcrowded inbox.

Well. I do give a shit about the writing…

And I’ve just entered my Rose Period.

(And yes I just compared myself to Picasso.)

Read more at cultofpersonality.co

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine



Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples

Welcome Sequence Mini-Course

Stephanie Hayes is a business coach based in Squamish (Canada). She does a great job of putting out regular weekly content via Instagram & email, but she needed something more intentional & polished for new subscribers. It also needed to match her existing voice and tone since that's what her audience loves most about her content. The "6 pillars" are foundational to her method so they work great as a mini-course / welcome sequence. It was so successful I made it one of my main offers.


Naturopathic Doctor Website

Dr. Norris works in a saturated market (L.A.) where there's lots of confusing / misleading information about "holistic health" vs. naturopaths, along with the uphill battle naturopaths are already fighting just to be accepted as "real" doctors. Working together, we decided to have her niche into women's health & pediatrics, which helped focus her messaging & market positioning. We also took great care to convey professionalism and expertise without losing her cool, passionate personality.


Weekly Nurture Email / Blog Post

Carole is a keto diet coach with several, highly detailed success stories she gets from doing a thorough exit interview for each client. I recommended we put some larger meaning behind them and use the stories to *illustrate* her brand's key messaging. (So, Linda's story is about how keto doesn't have to be time consuming or difficult. Others focus on things like sugar addiction, mindset, etc.)



Founder & Creative Director

I write emails for women-owned businesses, and/or businesses that serve underrepresented populations, and/or support social justice.

Company: Cult of Personality

I worked there from 10/2016 until now

Content I Write