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Green, fitness and parenting writer

About Me

Wise works in higher education sustainability, is a certified Master Recycler, and is a proud solar array owner. She writes green-lifestyle, fitness and parenting pieces for a number of green-leaning companies including Tom's of Maine, Good Nature Organic Lawn Care, and Fleet Feet. When not typing, she can be found running on her local Metropark trails, hiking with her family, or digging into a good book.

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My Writing Samples

Four Benefits of Having an Ugly Summer Lawn

Your neighbors may frown at your front yard, but here are four benefits to having an ugly lawn during the hottest months of the Summer.


Understanding Air Pollution Causes and Effects (and Impactful Changes You Can Make Today)

Air quality is an indicator of the planet's health, and it has a direct impact on personal well-being, as well. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) notes that nine out of ten people breathe polluted air every day, and up to seven million people lose their lives each year due to air pollution across the globe. These facts can be intimidating, but understanding air pollution causes and effects and learning how you can make changes locally can move the needle to lower these statistics.


How to Help the Monarch Butterflies in their Plight

The monarch butterfly is perhaps the most well-known butterfly. Their distinct orange and black markings make it easy for children and adults to identify. Their huge, annual migration to and from Mexico and California and then to most of the rest of North America is astounding. But these beautiful butterflies are in danger with their numbers steadily declining.


How to Help Local Nonprofits Fight Climate Change When You Travel

If you travel for work or pleasure, you are likely spending more greenhouse gases on your travel days than your normal day to day life at home. At Urban Offsets, we believe in owning the bad you do to the environment and doing good in its place. You don’t always have to buy offsets to balance your carbon budget. We suggest helping local nonprofits flight climate change instead. By volunteering to support their noble work, your efforts can do more than just ‘pay back’ for travel emissions and wil


Citizen Scientists Track Bee Health and Shed Light on Colony Collapse Disorder

You've probably heard that bees—their honey, their awesome pollinating powers and their stingers—are on the decline. It's a global problem that affects more than just the little yellow and black buzzers; it can and will interrupt the way we produce food if it continues. Bees pollinate most of the crops farmers grow worldwide, so without them, we don't have food. Most scientists agree that pesticides, drought, habitat loss, pollution and other major environmental concerns are all contributing to


Solar System for Kids: How Learning about Space Benefits Earth

There’s a lot of talk in the green scene about how there’s only one Earth and we need to take care of it, and this couldn’t be more true . But it’s captivating to look beyond our own small, blue planet and survey the rest of the solar system to gain a further appreciation for our natural resources. Involving my kids in my (admittedly deep) interest and study of space has pushed me to learn even more. Here’s how teaching the solar system for kids to understand helps them realize how fragile and i


The Differences of Backflow Prevention Protection in Warm and Cold Climates

Backflow devices are found throughout the United States to protect our drinking water from contamination. They’re found in sunny Florida and frozen Alaska, arid Arizona and sandy Texas. The way that backflow devices work do not change in varying climates but there are differences of backflow prevention protection in warm and cold climates, how they are managed and what time of year.


Learning Child CPR Can Save Your Child's Life

As a parent, you can never be too prepared. You've already got the extra pack of tissues and travel hand sanitizer at the ready for everyday messes. You've got a full change of clothes for your kids in the car. But have you prepared for a true emergency? Though you'll hopefully never need to use it, knowing child CPR can save your kid's life.


On Global Running Day, Get Your Kids Running - Safely

Global Running Day is June 1 this year. It’s always the first Wednesday in June and it’s always a great day for a run - no matter what the weather. It is a self proclaimed day “for people around the world to celebrate the joys of running.” Runners are encouraged to share their passion for the sport and to encourage and inspire others around them to take part too. Go ahead and pledge to get involved! It will be fun! Family exercise is an important part of childhood: teaching your little ones heal



Sustainability Coordinator

Support the implementation of campus sustainability programs to further CWRU’s Climate Action Plan as part of the Office of Energy & Sustainability.

Company: Case Western Reserve University

I worked there from 2/2015 until now

Huff Run Watershed Coordinator

Managed all projects, partners, research, grants, outreach and activities of the Huff Run Watershed Restoration Partnership and the Mud Run Streamkeepers, citizens' groups devoted to restoring heavily polluted rural streams.

Company: Rural Action

I worked there from 3/2003 until 4/2012

Sustainability Manager

Supported Stark State's Sustainability Task Force efforts by maintaining the StarkSCENES website, administering the Green Office Program, updating the greenhouse gas emissions calculations, coordinating the RecycleMania interoffice competition among many other program management and messaging/ writing duties.

Company: Stark State College

I worked there from 3/2012 until 12/2013

Writing Center Tutor

Worked with students to improve their writing assignments during both one on one sessions in the Writing Center and during in-class studio sessions.

Company: Stark State College

I worked there from 3/2012 until 8/2013

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