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About Me

Leigh began her writing career in 2007 and her portfolio covers a broad spectrum. Her primary focus is on providing clients with quality content related to careers, staffing, business, tech, personal finance, legal, education, and U.S.-based travel. She has authored thousands of articles, web pages and blog posts geared toward both B2C and B2B audiences. Leigh pays careful attention to detail and prides herself on her research skills. She has never missed a deadline.

Leigh's work has appeared in Washington Post Jobs, Washington Post Magazine, Forbes, education magazines, and local newspapers. She has also written articles and blog posts appearing on the websites of attorneys, colleges, tech companies, private schools, financial companies, and numerous businesses in various industries. Additional industries she writes about (not included in the "Industries I Write About" section):

• Careers/Staffing: Job search, career management, staffing, recruiting, interviews, soft skills, setting a career track, professionalism, personal branding, office conflicts, job market trends/statistics, freelancing, and much more.
• Business: Marketing, content marketing, social media, HR, management, leadership, corporate/organizational culture, branding, data breaches, cybersecurity, customer service, outsourcing, governance, integrating technology, employee relocation, e-commerce, supply chain/logistics, entrepreneurship, remote working, office equipment, smart offices, office design, business loans, royalty investment, employee engagement, and more (just ask!)
• Tech: Mobile, IoT, artificial intelligence, smart tech, infosec, cloud, and other cool tech trends.
• Personal finance: Identity theft, money management, debt, credit, real estate, 529 accounts, insurance, estate planning, and retirement planning.
• Travel: Specializes in Washington D.C., Virginia, and New York state but can also competently write about cities she has visited in the U.S. or about general travel tips.
• News: Ability to create current and timely news style articles for most industries.
• Other: Experience with writing on topics related to TBI, autism, home improvement, home living, parenting, and she's also penned many a job description.

Previously, Leigh worked in a variety of administrative support roles at a community college. She has a strong interest in higher education and loved working with students. As an adult, Leigh returned to school to pursue the Associate's Degree she had not previously finished. After a terrific academic journey, Leigh earned her MBA. It was during these years of doing research-intensive papers on diverse topics, Leigh was bitten by the writing bug.

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5 Hot Jobs Where Salaries Are Growing (in DC)

If you're looking to snag a job with a high salary, Washington D.C. is definitely a city to consider for career options. This year, our nation's capital landed at number three of the top-earning cities in the country. Payscale reports the average salary in D.C. is about $71,400—not exactly a number to sneeze at.


What Is The Best Time Of Year To Apply For A Job?

Now that the New Year has come and gone and you're cruising through your resolutions, if you’re like many people, finding a new job is one of the must-do's on your list. If you want to act while the iron's hot, it's helpful to know the ebbs and flows of when the best times of the year are to apply for a job. Here's our take.


Employment Outlook for 2019 College Graduates

If you'll be a member of the Class of 2019, you're in luck when it comes to the job search. The outlook for 2019 college graduates is bright. According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges, employers plan to hire 16.6 percent more new grads this year than they did in 2018. The organization notes this is the best hiring outlook for new grads since the Class of 2007.


3 Things To Consider Before Starting Your Job Search

Starting a job search is a big task to undertake. It is typically time-consuming and, at times, downright overwhelming as you try to figure out where to take your career. Ideally, you want to find the right organizational fit and land the right job where you can succeed and be happy.


What to Do When You Feel Burnt Out

Burnout can happen to anyone, especially in our always-connected world. This form of exhaustion doesn't strike overnight. Burnout typically sneaks up on you, and once it does, can affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Unfortunately, the condition can be difficult to overcome. Know the signs, and take action to beat the burnout before it bests you.


Top Industries in D.C. Hiring Right Now

Washington, D.C. is a region booming with career opportunities. The DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) region reliably lands on numerous "best city" lists for jobs in the U.S. In 2018, our nation's capital city was listed at #5 on Fortune's 2018 list.

http://Top Industries in D.C. Hiring Right Now

7 Signs Your Job Is No Longer a Good Fit

Many career opportunities exist in the D.C. market, yet you'll find a lot of competition for some of these jobs. If you want to stand out, you need to make an effort to dazzle hiring managers. Here are seven ways to help you shine:


The Job Candidate’s Online Reputation is Horrible—Here’s what to do.

Does finding the right candidate in a flood of applications sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack? If so, you’re not alone. According to statistics, 40 percent of global employers surveyed in 2016 said they found a large talent shortage when it came to filling positions. If looking solely at shortages in the U.S., that number bumps up to 46 percent.


You've Been 'Ghosted' By A Hiring Manager. Now What?

You've found the perfect job, and it appears the hiring manager thinks you're pretty terrific too. During the interview process, it seemed as if everyone clicked. You were hoping for the finalization to take place soon. Suddenly, communication stops. You wonder what you could have possibly done wrong when things were going so well. It looks like you've been ghosted. Now what?


Should I Look For A New Job Or Go To Graduate School?

Sometimes we come to a crossroads in our careers and, as a result, we find it's time for a change. This change may be necessitated by a life event—you could need more income, or maybe your spouse's job is forcing a relocation requiring you to find something new. Perhaps you feel you've reached stagnancy in your career. Or, you're simply bored with what you're doing and ready to move on.

http://Should I Look For A New Job Or Go To Graduate School?

Taking Your Tech Skills to Healthcare

If you have been working in technology you probably already have heard there is a high demand for IT professionals. As organizations steadily become more digitized, skilled technical employees are needed to fill a variety of roles. Healthcare is one industry looking to add IT talents. Forecasts indicate healthcare is anticipated to zoom, with an increase of 15.6 million jobs by 2022, and trends strongly suggest techs will be actively sought to go along for the ride. Additionally, legislation


Why You Should Never Quit in the Heat of the Moment

If you're like most people, you've probably had some miserable work days when you just wanted to throw your hands in the air and quit your job in the heat of the moment. We've all been there at one time or another. While it's unlikely most of us would really just walk out, there are moments where we could actually follow through on those sudden thoughts. In the movie, "The Devil Wears Prada," personal assistant Andy Sachs has enough of her overbearing and demanding boss. One day she impulsively


5 Reasons Why Making Lowball Offers is Counterproductive

It's easy to turn to expenses associated with employees as the first place to make cutbacks when you're operating on a tight budget. Organizations do it all the time, they issue layoffs, cut benefits, and lowball salaries. Yes, expenses associated with employees are costly, but like any other investment, you need to put something in to get your ROI. If you want to attract the best talent, keep them engaged, and enjoy stronger employee-retention rates, you'll want to make, at the very least, fair


How to Develop a Presence within Your Company

People who make heads turn when they enter a room have a presence. These individuals effortlessly command attention when they speak, naturally put others at ease, ooze confidence, and take charge when a situation warrants it. Essentially, they’re able to get the job done and look good doing it.


Optimize Your Job Search When Your Current Job Title Isn't an Industry Standard

In theory, job titles should be designed as a succinct description of what you do in your role. However, the reality is, most job titles are too broad or don't accurately describe a person's normal workday tasks. Experts generally recommend you conduct a focused job search, but for the job seeker with a title that doesn't quite fit into industry norms, this creates a challenge. When your job title isn't an industry standard, you'll want to optimize your search. Here are some


Internal and External Impact of High Employee Turnover

A revolving door of employees can have a dramatic impact on an organization. While some industries anticipate employees coming and going and are prepared for it, others struggle with a high level of employee turnover. In the latter case, it is a good idea for management or human resources to take a step back and try to see what might be causing people to have such a short stay in their employment.


5 Nontraditional Things It's OK to Negotiate In Your Job Offer

You've passed the ATS, made it through the resume sift, aced the initial interviews, and you've just received an offer. Hurrah! You’ve earned a celebration! But before you get started, you have one more potential hurdle to cross—negotiating your compensation package.


How to Respond to that Email You Shouldn't Have Hit Send On

Even in our high-tech age, email is still a preferred way to communicate. Statistics suggest the average worker receives 121 emails per day and sends out about 40. With those numbers, there are bound to be some mistakes. Protect your professional reputation by knowing how to respond to that email you shouldn't have hit send on. Here's our take on dealing with an awkward situation.


5 Tips for Confronting a Coworker (Before You Go to Your Boss)

Running into conflict at work is not unusual. Considering the fact about 56 percent of full-time workers say they spend more time with their "work family" than they do with their own families, it stands to reason colleagues are bound to get on each other's nerves at some point or another. How should you handle confrontation at work?


Tips for Landing a Job in Cyber Security

As a tech worker, you probably already know there are many directions you can go. Are you looking for a change? If so, have you thought about cyber security? Traditional skill sets, such as programming, network administration and database management are still needed to create and manage data, but the requirements to secure, protect and store these valuable assets are steadily increasing.


10 astonishing technologies on the horizon

Anyone who grew up in the 20th century is probably amazed at the technological transformation that has occurred over the last few decades. With that statement, I'm talking an era where video games were non-existent, color TV was still a pretty new invention and if you wanted to cook something fast, there was no such thing as a microwave. You had to use your stove and wait or throw together a cold sandwich. These innovations were pretty big deals when they did arrive. Those born in the late 20th


5 Unusual and Historic Shipwreck Cargo Finds

Over the centuries many shipwrecks have occurred in the oceans, seas, rivers and lakes across the globe. Many of which we possibly don’t even know about due to poor or lost record-keeping. Although, a good number of shipwrecks are documented in history as existing and lost, the remains of these boats are still a mystery. According to UNESCO, more than three million shipwrecks still rest on the bottom of the world’s oceans. Only a small percentage of those vessels have been found. And even a smal


Should You Buy a Vacation Home? 6 Things to Consider

The thought of buying a vacation home is an appealing idea to many people. After all, wouldn't it be great to own a place in the mountains or by the ocean to retreat to on the weekends or on an annual holiday? Owning a vacation property increases the ability to get away from it all on a moment's notice if the desire and time arises. Another appeal connected with buying a vacation house is to use it as a way to earn a secondary income during the times the owner is not spending time at the getaway


How to Tell a Good Professor from a Bad One

During a college career it is probable to have some really great professors but, unfortunately, it is just as likely to end up having some horrible instructors too. Ideally, students want to register for classes with all fabulous professors, but sometimes they are stuck wondering just how to do this and if it's even possible.


What to Look for When Choosing a Preschool

Deciding when it is time to send your child to school can be a difficult decision to make, especially considering parents often have to start the process long before their children are old enough to attend preschool. In the United States, many preschools begin taking applications the December and January before a September academic year begins. Some even earlier.


5 Ways to Ruin Your Sleep

Sleep is an important part of everyone's daily routine and an essential part of healthy living. Everyone needs enough shut eye in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention deprivation of daily slumber can eventually lead to other health problems. Despite the known benefits of getting enough, a large number of people fail to allow themselves the time to get a good night's rest.




Leigh has been writing online since 2007. Over the years she has written thousands of articles with and without a byline. Currently, she spends much of her time ghostwriting blog post and web page content for brands in numerous industries (both B2B and B2C).

Company: Leigh Goessl

I worked there from 8/2007 until now

Administrative Assistant

Leigh worked in a variety of roles in this capacity at a community college including but not limited to registrar, bursar, and admissions.

Company: SUNY (State University of New York)

I worked there from 6/2002 until 6/2006

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