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Professional Writer & Editorial Content Provider

About Me

From top celebrity news writer to inbound marketing and content specialist. Because inbound marketing needs a content writer who knows what they're doing. Contact me for more information.

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My Writing Samples

3 Signs Your Child is Acting Out in School

Do you ever get frustrated with your child's bad behavior at school? Do you even know what's going on? This guide can help.


How 4 Chiropractor Adjustments a Week Can Keep You Healthy During Flu Season

The flu shot is often the first choice for protection, but it's not a cure-all solution. Learn about chiropractor adjustments and how they can keep the flu away.


Stop! What You Should Be Really Doing With Your Cold Leads

Can't turn those cold leads into warm ones? Deleting them should be a last resort. Here are some ways you can win them over.


How Victoria's Secret can bandage its bleeding sales

The Victoria's Secret brand is slowly on a decline. So, how can the world's sexiest lingerie brand recover?



Content Writer

Through freelance projects, I worked with small business owners, startups, agencies, and PR firms to create professional communications and marketing copy, including content development and email marketing. This included: Create and edit strong content to fit clients' needs. Manage the development of content marketing to drive new business and attract existing customers. Creative development of existing content marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and customer acquisition.

Company: Textbroker International LLC

I worked there from 10/2009 until 7/2019

Inbound Marketing & Content Specialist

I write professional communication and marketing copy for business and corporations. My 10+ years content marketing and digital/journalism experience has given me the ability to tell stories. I have a proven track record of published content and written communications, in both online and traditional media. I have a demonstrated track record of delivering content according to goals and objectives. I understand how information is read and shared within the digital realm, including B2B.

Company: Chanel D. Adams LLC

I worked there from 4/2019 until now

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