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About Me

Technical copywriter with 7 years of experience writing at the intersection of psychology and technology. I create deeply-researched content about cutting-edge topics like AI, robotics, and edge computing as well as detailed instructional content on software development & UX best practices.

I provide:

- clear, accurate technical copy
- thought leadership to position a company within its market
- well-researched, strategic content that builds confidence and edges readers towards a positive buying decision



My background spans psychology, market research, adult education, and UX design. I use this training to produce clear, empathetic communication with the end user in mind.


Content should continually improve the business’ position with readers as it attempts to inspire, educate, entertain, or motivate. I focus on defining business goals and writing strategically to them.


I use clear, approachable language to express complex ideas without being simplistic.


The most immersive content is lyrical, thoughtful, and inventive in its presentation. I’m excited about turning in a project once I’m sure it adds depth to what’s already been written on the topic.


“Renee is an extremely intelligent and persuasive writer. She is quick to grasp key concepts, very detail-oriented and thoughtful in her work. The writing projects Renee did for our company often involved arcane technical jargon and high levels of conceptual thinking. She handled these projects with astonishing ease and accomplishment. We wouldn't hesitate to hire Renee again if/when the need arises.”
-Cate Riegner, VP, Netpop Research

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, message me to discuss your project or see relevant examples of my work. I thrive on the challenge of getting up-to-speed in a new industry and creating exciting, effective content.

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Freelance Technical Copywriter

Company: Self-Employed

I worked there from 6/2012 until now

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