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About Me

Are you in need of a writer who can cure reader ADD and keep your audience engaged? Bree is ready and able to help you out with your content needs.

A pithy master of the written word, she can make your content pop. Bree specializes in topics including business, education, legal, tech, mental health, health, advocacy, international affairs, politics, and more. Bree possesses a BA in International Relations, an MTS, and an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies. She is currently working on her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

She has experience in crafting content for a variety of mediums including articles, blogs, website content, white papers, business communications and more. Whether it’s a feature piece or a weekly blog, she’ll make sure your sentences shine. 

Bree has written content for the likes of Fast Company, Healthline, and Colgate, and she can help you too. Contact her today to get a running start on your next project.

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My Writing Samples

The Elmo Brushing Teeth Song And Other ToothBrushing Tips For Toddlers

If you have questions about caring for your preschooler's teeth, you're not alone. Introducing young children to brushing may be intimidating for parents. However, it doesn't have to be if you and your child follow these tips to help keep your child's teeth healthy and pearly white. In addition to using popular characters and music, such as the popular Elmo brushing teeth song, there are several other strategies you can use to inspire proper oral care practices in kids.


Is Maintaining Open Source Software Economically Viable for Your Business?

Business owners and companies who choose to use open source software usually do so because open source solutions promise significant savings; this might be true. However, open-source solutions can end up costing more in the long run for maintenance purposes.


Why Untreated Mental Illness Has Led to Homelessness for Many African Americans

America’s homelessness crisis has evolved into a crisis of color. Even the casual observer couldn’t fail to notice that in every homeless shelter, domestic violence shelter, and soup kitchen across America, the black faces most often outnumber those of whites and other minorities.


Digital Co-Creation of Policy by Governments in Partnership with Citizens

Open data is a concept that involves offering free access to data. Anyone can use and republish the data in whatever manner they wish. There are no copyright restrictions or patents. The concept behind the open data movement is like other well-known movements such as open access or open source. This long-established philosophy is gaining in popularity due to the Internet and the launch of government based open data initiatives such as Data.Gov.


Over the Hill in IT: Why Ageism in Tech is Getting Old

While it’s illegal to make hiring, and firing decisions based on age, age discrimination is rampant in the tech industry. Proving explicit discrimination may be difficult, but many of the movers and shakers in the technological world make no bones about it; they openly admit to hiring people under 30 years of age. Worse yet, there doesn’t seem to be much of a public outcry against this practice.


4 Shocking Reasons Why the Top Spot in Search isn’t Always Good for Business

Search engine marketing campaigns can be an effective means for businesses to increase visibility and garner more conversions. However, sometimes search engine marketing efforts go awry, and companies engage in what is now called ‘ego bidding.’ Sometimes business owners decide they want to own certain key search terms and phrases to get the highly coveted top spot on search engine results. This can be a costly mistake.



Freelance Writer

As a content strategist and freelance writer, it is my passion to help my clients turn readers into brand evangelists. I am a one-woman powerhouse who is adept at wearing a variety of hats that include, research, content creation, public relations, and content marketing.

Company: ScribeWrite

I worked there from 9/2009 until now

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