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Experienced Email Content Marketer / Copywriter | Newsletter Strategist & Writer

About Me

 I live, eat, and breathe market, finance, investing, and lifestyle design content. I use my 20-years of business / investment experience to craft short-digestible commentary, insights, and wisdom that can be practical and useful to the reader's bottom-line. No fluff, no boring economic drivel.


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My Writing Samples

Samples of my Money Monday Newsletter

Via my once-a-week, short commentary-driven ​newsletter, Money Monday, I sift-through investment / finance-focused articles, news, resources... then send readers short-digestible commentary, insights, and wisdom that can be practical and useful to their bottom-line. No fluff, no boring economic drivel.


Bitcoin Billions

This is my 11-page deep inside look into why Bitcoin is a legit currency. Also, you’ll be able to talk very practically (with your family and friends) about how it holds value, irrespective of what its price chart is doing.


How To Be a Smart Speculator

My commentary and experiential observations, with a lot of edifying links, about the differences between traditional investing and employing what I call "prudent speculation" in your life.


7 Sneaky Ways To Stick It to The Man

A deep-dive expose into how The Man is and how you can 'fight the good fight' against his (its) wily and waggery ways...


How To Stay ‘Young, Dumb and Broke’

My critical-thinking rant about the idealism of a youthful brain... and how, if gone unchecked, can cause somebody to BE... well... as the titled suggests... ;)



Managing Editor / Publisher

From 2009 until the summer of 2019 (almost a decade), I have been the Managing Editor of a small / boutique financial research company whose mission is to find and endorse high-quality resources and vendors that can help the reader to Make, Manage & Multiple money in unique and uncommon ways.

Company: M4 Research, LLC

I worked there from 12/2009 until now

Content I Write