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Freelance writer for business, technology, and travel

About Me

I'm Eric, and I've been writing content for results for decades. My career has demanded writing at every turn - from marketing to media to communication, to list a few. Through all this, I've been exposed to the most effective writing practices for varying types of content. 

To me, writing's no longer just a profession, but also a passion. I will communicate with you and produce whatever is necessary to suit your needs. Moreover, I'll do my very best to deliver to clients the kind of quality work their businesses require. 

As someone who's experienced the client side of the freelance writing industry, I can guarantee that I understand the importance of well-written content from a buyer's perspective. And with the tools I've gained through my years of working experience, I'll be sure to make good on my claims of quality. 

My main areas of expertise are in marketing and SEO writing, business-oriented content, and more casual blog content. Do you require work to be done in these areas? Reach out to me at ecwriter88@gmail.com, and I'll respond within 24 hours. Get your writing done the right way.

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My Writing Samples

Business Copy Sample

A sample piece promoting business services, written in a clear and easy-to-follow manner.


Blog Writing Sample

A sample piece written in a blogging style meant to connect more personally with the reader.


Marketing/SEO Content Samples

Sample articles that make use of Search Engine Optimization and feature/benefit structure to maximize content effectiveness.



Vice President - Business Development

Involved in planning and executing marketing and sales strategies. Also participated in engagement with clients and partners in the United States.

Company: Alliance Development Group

I worked there from 6/2016 until 9/2018

Vice President, Sales and Operations

Aided in improving growth and market relevance through clear strategy formulation. Furthermore communicated with partners and customers to establish solid relationships.

Company: NTConnections

I worked there from 7/2012 until 5/2016

Team Leader, Asia - Service Provider Strategic Projects

Led business development teams in partnership engagement and managed projects for key cloud and telepresence initiatives.

Company: Cisco Systems

I worked there from 4/2010 until 6/2012

Content I Write