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Best-selling author and award-winning journalist.

About Me

I'm an author, journalist and speaker with more than 20 years writing experience in travel, technology and pop culture. Skilled in interviewing, research, writing, editing, public speaking and social media. I've worked for some of the biggest news outlets in Canada and around the world and have skill across a variety of formats, including long and short=-form articles, blog posts, columns, manuscripts and white papers. 

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My Writing Samples

Behind the screens

The rise and fall and complicated future of drive-in theatres in North America. The number of theatres continues to decline, but those that are left are doing well thanks to surprising popularity with younger customers and their photogenic nature on social media.


Why young people are driving an RV revolution

Recreational vehicles are surging in popularity, spurred by interest from younger buyers, who are craving a different kind of travel experience, and manufacturers catering to them.


Hong Kong’s Bruce Lee: Kung Fu, Art, Life exhibition helps dispel Chinese stereotypes

The Bruce Lee exhibit at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum is drawing hordes of martial arts movie fans, but questions abound as to why the city has yet to enshrine its most famous star with a permanent installation.


The future of urban mobility: Can we handle profound change?

From autonomous shuttles and 5G connectivity to e-scooters and delivery robots, city streets are becoming increasingly crowded. Can the officials who run them cope with this growing complexity?


Game on! A look at the economics of eSports

From humble beginnings, the eSports industry is now expected to pull in $3 billion in revenue this year. A look at how the business started and grew.


How tech firms are racing to perfect conversational artificial intelligence

The Internet of Things is struggling to break into the mainstream because it’s hard to set up. Simply talking to your devices may be the solution.


How a new wave of startups are bringing law enforcement into the digital age

At home and abroad, Canadian companies are using new technologies to help police forces solve cold cases and deal with 21st century threats.


Canadian broadcasters keeping in-demand shows off streaming services

Consumer advocates are saying that streaming services need to be subject to a use-it-or-lose-it rule that would prevent them from hoarding – and not making available – exclusive content.


Facebook bias scandal: New media giant deals with traditional media problem

Allegation of bias against conservative content has some calling for better look 'inside the machine.'



Freelance writer

Written articles for The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, National Post, New Scientist, Reader's Digest, MoneySense, MSN, Yahoo, Daily Dot and others. Columnist for The National (Abu Dhabi). Syndicated blogger for Canadian Business. Regular radio analyst and columnist for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Company: Various

I worked there from 11/2010 until now

Senior Science and Technology Reporter

Wrote daily technology articles and blog posts for national broadcaster's online operation. Regularly appeared on radio and television to comment on daily issues and stories.

Company: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

I worked there from 8/2007 until 11/2010

Technology Reporter

Wrote daily technology and telecommunications news, as well as regular long-form features on the industry.

Company: National Post

I worked there from 7/2006 until 8/2007

Technology Reporter/Editor

Covered the tech and telecommunications beats for print and online. Wrote bi-weekly business column on tech and telecom. Oversaw twice-weekly technology section, including management of budget, staff and freelancers. Improved readership of Tuesday business section by 37% and Friday consumer section by 58%.

Company: New Zealand Herald

I worked there from 4/2005 until 6/2006

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