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Writer with experience in banking and education

About Me

I am a former banker and teacher, specializing in content related to finance, education, and personal development.

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5 Things Every Adult Needs to Know About Taxes

As an adult in the US, there are some things you definitely need to know about taxes. They can be confusing, yes, but if you know a few key items, you’ll be able to navigate the world of taxes and the IRS more confidently and effectively.


5 Signs You Should Review Your Insurance Coverage

As your situation changes, your insurance needs change too. That is why it is so crucial to review your insurance coverage. Here are the top five signs that you need an insurance review.


How to Handle Money When Traveling in Europe

Deciding how to handle your money when you travel can be a bit daunting. You need to have easy access to buy things, but you don’t want to end up with a ton of fees or a system that’s hard to use. Over time, we’ve decided on an easy way to handle money while traveling in Europe.



English as a Second Language Teacher

•Conduct engaging and effective lessons in English language speaking, writing, and reading •Encourage students to learn via constructive feedback and encouragement •Implement extension and scaffolding activities to meet individual students’ needs


I worked there from 4/2018 until now

Workshop Facilitator

• Developed and facilitated online and in-person learning programs for adults and youth • Assisted National Youth Development Director with duties such as program development


I worked there from 11/2014 until 11/2018

Personal Banker

• Uncovered customer goals to identify products and services that best met their needs • Built deep relationships with customers to identify future needs • Facilitated financial education workshops


I worked there from 9/2017 until 10/2018

Short Term Sales Representative

• Solicited and secured $5,500 in sponsorships and donations from local businesses in 3 months with team • Managed and built relationships with local businesses


I worked there from 5/2016 until 9/2017

Curriculum Development Team Member

• Collected and analyzed research on current training methods for high school students and producers • Developed new curriculum and training program with USDA-FAS, USAID, and university team members • Authored and edited curriculum documents as determined by team


I worked there from 8/2015 until 5/2016

Student Teacher

• Taught and developed courses in business (marketing, sales, business administration), personal finance, and general agriculture • Created and authored all course content for senior business class • Managed six classes of 20 students daily


I worked there from 1/2015 until 4/2015

Content I Write