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Content Writer and Editor

About Me

I am a professional writer and editor with over a decade's experience creating and managing content from consumer magazines to heading B2B marketing strategies that returned in millions of dollars. 

As an avid outdoors enthusiast, I enjoy camping,hiking, and adventuring. I'm also pretty handy with a hammer and nails, and enjoy the DIY and upcycle niches. I try to keep abreast of green technology as well.  

As an SEO specialist, my articles are always optimized and include targeted meta descriptions and alt tags for any included images. 

I like to tell stories and incorporate parallel thinking in my writing. For didactic pieces, I try to tie the core message to something most people have a grasp of already, allowing for easier digestion of the information.

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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

The Biggest PR Stunts Of The Auto Industry

Carmakers will do seemingly anything to make their advertising stand out.


History Of The F-Series

A history of the best selling truck in America. Broken down by body model eras, learn about the evolution of the F-Series.


The Parker Files

My blog where I put things that never found a home on the paid marketplace.


Roadster to Mars

A news brief written about Elon Musk's roadster fired off into space. I find the whole concept wonderfully absurd and jumped at the chance to do our website's brief on it.



Managing Editor

I commissioned articles from freelancers, edited and provided images to the articles, then published them online. I also wrote several articles for the website. I utilized several SEO techniques to help our organic and paid rankings across search engines. I also managed the social media advertising for autoinfo, as well as healthprep.com. Using a variety of platforms, but focusing primarily on Facebook ads, I ran hundreds of paid advertising campaigns, utilizing a combination of strategies.

Company: AutoInfo.com

I worked there from 12/2017 until 4/2019

Social Media Advertiser

I ran the paid social media channels. I worked closely with our Editorial team to align our content calendars and ensure our targeted audience was engaged.

Company: HealthPrep.com

I worked there from / until /

Content Manager and SEO Specialist

I work with our content team to optimize and publish content across our website which has brought in over a million dollars in orgabic b2b leads.

Company: MetrixData 360

I worked there from 10/2019 until now

Content I Write