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About Me

I am skeptical, so I research and verify, then research the sources for verification... getting down to the bottom of things... Check multiple sources from different sets of resources, understand the philosophical premises of all research, whether it be quantitative, qualitative, or ideological. 

This approach makes me a slower writer than most, but at the same time, it assures a better quality product. 

I had been an English composition and conversation instructor in China. I have worked with computers since the mid-70s. Work experience included accounting, information technology, IT help desk, computer repair, and burrito-making. When I am not writing, I am trying to control classrooms of youth that could have been my grandchildren. 

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine


Law & Politics



My Writing Samples

The First Aid Merit Badge Requirements

I wrote this article from my heart. It reflects my real-life experiences. To me, what is practical for real life constitutes the best education a person can get. Sadly, what is practical and realistic has been replaced by wishful dreams within our society and the educational system.


What is Advanced Prostrate Cancer?

I ghostwrote this for a client I still continue to write articles for. I discovered I really enjoy researching and writing about medical issues.


Going Cloud Native: Why You Should Investigate Cloud ERP For Your Business

I ghostwrote this article about cloud computing. Please notice on my LinkedIn references part of my IT experience.


Diagnosing Prostate Cancer

I ghostwrote this for a client I still continue to write articles for.



Substitute Teacher

As a substitute teacher, I am in regular contact with students and instructors from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grades. Watching them and learning to communicate to each group at their own level helps me to moderate language use appropriate to each audience.

Company: School Districts in Humboldt County, California

I worked there from 9/2016 until now

English as a Foreign Language Instructor

English and the problems English language learners face fascinate me. While my time in China that time was only two years, I also had another eight years of teaching EFL in other areas of Asia. I also feel strongly that "when in Rome, do as the Romans do." Therefore, I learned to speak fairly fluent Mandarin Chinese. Learning another language that is fundamentally different from other Indo-European languages has given me cultural insights and perspectives most Americans do not understand.

Company: Xi'an International Studies University

I worked there from 9/2014 until 7/2016

Content I Write