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Technology Writer

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Hello, My name is Mary Driscoll, and I look forward to working with you on your project! I am a writing professional with a Bachelor's degree and  a native speaker of English. My specific areas of expertise and experience are: - Content Writing and Editing (Focus in Technology) - Ghostwriting (Focus in Entertainment, Fiction, and Technology) - SEO Optimization - Journalism (Focus in Local News and Technology)

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Best ERP software, dynamics up or Blackbaud?

Investing in the right ERP software will be a wise choice for your organization. The two most common ERP software are Microsoft's dynamic up and Black baud Inc's accounting or ERP software.


Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

Artificial intelligence is what has enabled more humans to do more things with computers with a lot of ease. Invented by Alan Turing who is also considered to be the father of modern AI, it is a phenomenon that has revolutionized our world. Computers can now mimic human behavior and not just think like humans but also out think humans!


Web Development Trends

With the kind of frameworks, evolving technologies and powerful tools of development, the web development industry looks more promising than ever before.This has led to the creation of easy to use applications that are taking many by storm.



Web Development Writer

I worked as a web development writer for Folio's projects. I carried out keyword research and optimized their web pages. I managed to rank most of their blogs on the first page of Google.

Company: Folio

I worked there from 10/2016 until 12/2018

Artificial Intelligence Content Creator

When artificial intelligence became widespread, Rep of the Rookies entrusted me to write content for them. I did not disappoint them.

Company: Rep of the Rookies

I worked there from 2/2017 until 3/2018

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