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Writer & Journalist

About Me

At first, it was cozy, warm and dark... Now I'm a marketer, content creator, investigative journalist, semi-pro traveler, hotdog connoisseur, and MBA graduate - sometimes loved for my creative flair for marketing & storytelling, my personality and the professional scribbles on the things I see, hear and read but sometimes criticized for going off on a (way too long) tangent and writing too much / too little / too late / too early.

I'll throw, jump, shoot myself out of anything for a great marketing campaign or story unless it's dangerously dangerous or if mom is watching. Besides looking for love online (obviously for my writing...) I engage in activities involving books, friends, H20 + board, and on good days, all at the same time.

Industries I Write About

Law & Politics



My Writing Samples

Only The Truth Can Save Us — What’s Really Wrong With News Reporting

What's wrong with news reporting is that the fundamental right to access information and more importantly the truth is controlled by private companies


Screw Your Body. Screw Your Choice.

Alabama is the latest State, following Missouri, Ohio, Arizona and Mississippi, to introduce some of the toughest anti-abortion laws in the USA


5 Ways To Defy The High Powers Of Writing

You can’t master writing, but you can get better at it by following five new ways no writer has ever talked about.


What Market Research And Dating Have In Common

Think of market research, the same way you’d think of going on a few dates with someone.


Remember girls, it won’t be rape if your dress is too short

It’s not rape, a panel of judges argued. According to the arbitrators, the victim wasn’t showing ENOUGH fight and had her eyes closed during the attack



"Convenience is the new King." Consumer behavior and buying habits have changed dramatically over the years and are trending subscription-based businesses.


Six December escapes you want to visit to score perfect uncrowded waves

December is a hell of a month for waves which people tend to forget, ignore, suppress or all of the above because they are so occupied with the whole silly season hooray that riding anything other than a Christmas train isn’t really on anybody’s mind.


Best Bet June/July: Where To Surf To Get The Most Out Of Your Trip

Summertime in Europe is bittersweet. School’s out for most of the kiddos and moms and dads are swiping their report cards one final time before their well-deserved summer vacays. Riverbanks, restaurants, and just about every street corner is packed with people having a good time, enjoying the long hot and humid days most of us have been reminiscing about for the last few months or so. It’s the time of the year everyone seems to look forward to unless you happen to be a surfer.


Bangkok; The seedy side of tourism in one of Asia’s most progressive cities

Sure, Bangkok is no stranger to tourism, edging out London as the number 1 visited city in the world according to Forbes Magazine. Many foreign & domestic visitors are drawn to the city’s majestic palaces, ancient temples. However, exotic food, temples, and royal residences aren’t the only attraction people, especially men, come to Bangkok for. It’s the bars, packed with beautiful young women, all “available for a fee.



Head Writer & Journalist

You tell, I write - that's usually how it works. Brief me on the most obscure, extravagant, dangerous, confronting and controversial thing the world has ever seen and I'll get my best hunt and peck game on to produce high quality, in-depth and well-researched articles, blog posts, investigative pieces, and online & offline content in a couple of days - sometimes weeks - never months as per your request. #notimeforsloppywriting

Company: Sunny Creates

I worked there from / until now

Head of Editorial & Content

LUEX’s mission is to offer YOU the most complete holiday travel experience. We are committed to offer the Largest Selection of Sick Snow and Surf Trips, Objective Expert Advice and our Best Price Guarantee. LUEX cooperates with hundreds of trip operators around the world. We can guarantee to match/beat the prices available anywhere else as well as independently advice what dream trip will be the most suitable for YOU.

Company: LUEX

I worked there from / until now

Content Creator And Staff Writer

Inspired by creative spirit, Volcom was founded in 1991 and creates products for the persistent who are true to their passions. We were born to chase what we are true to. It’s not that we want to... WE HAVE TO. We have a vision that turns obstacles into opportunity, a creative courage to tempt the impossible... And embrace the strange.

Company: Volcom

I worked there from 2/2014 until 9/2016

Content Writer

Rewind 9 years to a backyard garage operation in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and who would’ve guessed that the pipe dream of two mates was set to become one of Australia’s largest online retailers and the world’s largest online action sports and youth apparel network. It’s a bit of a mouthful, but you get the picture – We’re the go-to for contemporary surf lifestyle and fashion brands.

Company: Surfstitch

I worked there from 2/2012 until 12/2013

Head of Content Creation

The leading global out-of-home media company, Clear Channel Outdoor. European Airport Branding Division

Company: Clear Channel International

I worked there from 6/2008 until 12/2010

Content I Write