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Motivated writer in a lot of general topics. I can translate from English to Spanish and viceversa. Certified with Cambridge's PET certificate.


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How to make your website shine

Here's a quality content guide for a webpage: • Thinking as the visitor. When visiting a site, the visitor expects having well written text with good information and with the right amount of it because people are not patient when they want an answer. You don't want to lose that visitor, getting to the point right away equals more time spent by people on the page. • Using videos,audio and images. Sometimes people just don't want to read anything and would prefer listening and watching...


What makes a good product description?

All successful online stores have one thing in common, excellent product descriptions. A product description is the most important part of marketing, it tells your potential buyers what is your product and why they should buy it. The first step is to think as your buyers and start from there. You need to know the keywords used by the people for searching specific products to attract more traffic. As a seller you have to study the market to aim your product to the right public, you need...


Cómo conseguir una descripción de producto adecuada

• Concentrarse en los compradores potenciales. Hay que estudiar a quiénes va dirigido el producto para poder definir qué características son las más importantes e interesantes para tal público. Necesitamos saber qué palabras utiliza el potencial comprador, qué preguntas y dudas tiene, cuál es la necesidad que busca satisfacer con el producto, etc. • Utilizar imágenes y vídeos de buena calidad. La persona que compra online no puede tener el producto en manos para poder probarlo u observar su...


Do not ignore climate change

Climate change became an important topic for debate in the last decades and that's for a reason, it affects Earth in many ways, ranging from global warming and ice melting to increased rainfall and severe wheather. Due to the glaciers melting, animals like the polar bear have to migrate to other areas where they can survive with an adequate temperature, also don't forget that the sea level is rising and causing floods because of the same problem. Heat waves are more common now, resulting in...


La acupuntura y sus utilidades

La acupuntura remonta al 150 a. C. aproximadamente, venía de un tipo de diagnóstico organizado utilizando agujas descubierto en escritos provenientes de China, de todas formas, la práctica empezó a tomar popularidad recién en el siglo XXI. Se creía que la acupuntura solucionaba problemas causados por interrupciones del flujo de la energía en el cuerpo, mediante este método se restauraba el nivel de qi (energía) para pasar de un cuerpo enfermo a un cuerpo sano. La práctica moderna de acupuntu...




Experienced salesman in the automotive industry with very good customer service.


I worked there from 4/2017 until now

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