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About Me

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First and foremost, I consider myself a creative writer.  I used to be an elementary reading teacher and have that special eye for language.  One of those "grammar nazis" you keep hearing about on the news.  I've written over 500 short stories that help kids learn to read, along with 14 self-published children's books.   

I know.  Sounds kiddy.  But hear me out!

I can apply this same creativity and set of professional skills toward most industries. These stories for kids are simply one application of what I can produce.  I have a Master's in Sport Marketing and plenty of professional experience outside education.  You can feel confident in my ability to differentiate content and engage adult audiences.

Let me share more!

I've been a crazy writing machine for about...ten years now?  Wow, do I feel old.  Although most of it was fiction early on, my technical experience has grown in the form of writing copy for said fiction.  I have created sales copy, descriptions, and previews for over 100 of my own educational products.  Many of them convert at 5% or above with 6,949 sales.

Most recently, I founded Midtown Choice dot com.  It's a fine blend of furniture reviews and an upcoming Coffee Lovers blog. So far, I have produced 9 original pages written to rank in SEO, along with over 100 product reviews and counting. These reviews include Pinterest links to be socially interactive.  This website will continue to grow and it's aiming to have over 100K views a month by next summer.

So, what makes me special?  Why should you pay me all that money over somebody with more hair and a longer resume?  


The key to my writing is the voice. There is farrrr too much average content out there.  Bad copy gives me the shivers.  It all sounds the same and won't generate a dime, bro.  Yes, I can do professional tones that are simple but sell.  If that's what you need, you got it.  

Honestly though, voice and more conversational tones are my style.  I will come down to Earth and connect to your audience.  Make them feel at home.  Not just another sales pitch stuffed down their face.  Get them to crack that wallet or click that link and be happy they did.

Now, let's talk about you.  How exactly can I help you?  Let me apply my creative writing and professional expertise toward your goal.  Do you need an SEO article for your niche blog that can rank and convert?  I'm your man.  Do you need an original post about traveling to Red Rocks next summer?  Give me the pen.

Don't let my industry experience limit my work potential.  If you love my profile but can't find what you need specifically, shoot me a message.  Let's tailor something perfect for your customers and affect that bottom line.  BOOM!

Most importantly, thank you for taking your time to my profile.  I know there is a lot of sharp competition out there.  Not to mention, WHO even has time to read each and every profile? 

Have a great day!  Let's talk soon!

 - David

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My Writing Samples

Laughroom Literacy, 500+ Short Stories

As a former reader teacher, I began writing my own crazy stories to help reluctant readers. Over 3 years, 500+ stories, and zany 150 audiobooks later, Laughroom Literacy is alive and well. I currently offer 135 products which I have written, edited, wrote descriptions and copy, and created preview images or videos. It has had over 350K views, selling 6,947 products and earning $31,729. My store conversion rate is 2.1%, but many of my products convert at 5% or higher.


14 Reasons Your Students Need Audiobooks

This is a page I created for my own website, The Laughroom dot com. It describes 14 reasons that students should be using audiobooks, then leads into some sales copy to generate conversions.


Accelerate Literacy Rates Without Losing the Smiles

This is another page from my website, The Laughroom dot com. It explains my all-new videobooks and how research supports their use for struggling readers. It contains lots of information for the audience, then leads into sales opportunities.


Midtown Choice

I founded Midtown Choice this past summer. It is a heavy SEO, niche blog dedicated to reviewing fine furniture to save online shoppers time. There are thousands of options online and it's overwhelming. This site reviews the best piece of furniture and cuts out the tacky. It began with 9 articles about coffee tables and will continue to grow into 2020.


Coffee Table Sets, You Make Such Adorable Siblings!

A keyword SEO optimized page that reviews Coffee Table Sets and includes links toward various shopping websites.


Coffee Table with Storage, We See a Lot of Great Stuff in You!

A keyword SEO optimized page that reviews Coffee Tables with Storage and includes links toward various shopping websites.


Glass Coffee Table, Someone's in LOVE with You!

A keyword SEO optimized page that reviews Glass Coffee Table options and includes links toward various shopping websites.


Lift Top Coffee Table, We've Been Looking for You...

A keyword SEO optimized page that reviews Lift Top Coffee Table options and includes links toward various shopping websites.


Marble Coffee Table, Look at You Sparkle!

A keyword SEO optimized page that reviews Marble Coffee Table options and includes links toward various shopping websites.


Ottoman Coffee Table, Someone Wants to Take You Home!

A keyword SEO optimized page that reviews Ottoman Coffee Table options and includes links toward various shopping websites.


Round Coffee Table, Who Are Your Cute Friends?

A keyword SEO optimized page that reviews Round Coffee Table options and includes links toward various shopping websites.


Rustic Coffee Table, You Smell Like Nostalgia!

A keyword SEO optimized page that reviews Rustic Coffee Table options and includes links toward various shopping websites.


Square Coffee Table, You're Pretty Hip in Person!

A keyword SEO optimized page that reviews Square Coffee Table options and includes links toward various shopping websites.


Alligators in the Attic

Here is a sample of one of my videobooks, "Alligators in the Attic".




www.MidtownChoice.com - a fine blend of coffee and furniture review What do I do? • Write reviews for elegant coffee tables and fine, local shops • Copywriting, editing, SEO, Pinterest Marketing and website building

Company: Midtown Choice

I worked there from 8/2019 until now


• Sell 500+ crazy reading passages and comprehension materials for K-5 reluctant readers • Enthusiastic audiobook narration, editing, and sound effects production • Business duties: writing, editing, customer service, SEO, marketing, accounting, and copywriting.

Company: Laughroom Literacy - read it with a smile!

I worked there from 6/2016 until now


• Transport passengers safely to their destination with a smile

Company: Uber and Lyft

I worked there from 1/2019 until now

ESL Online Tutor

• Teach online ESL to elementary children and adults in China at 4am

Company: PalFish App Online, Beijing, China

I worked there from 12/2018 until 3/2019

Classroom Para Educator

• First grade Para for writing, literacy, and math with struggling students • Worked with all grades K-5 as the crazy lunch-recess teacher

Company: Coyote Ridge Elementary, Adams 12

I worked there from 9/2015 until 5/2016

Literacy Tutor K-3rd

• Served 1720 hours as a full time AmeriCorps volunteer member • Tutored 45 below grade level K-3rd students with dramatic reading improvement: one of the highest numbers of students in CRC program • Wrote own humorous literacy materials as reward for hard working students • Created “Olympic Reading Room” and “Reading Gold Medalist” program as student motivation

Company: AmeriCorps, Mile High United Way, Tarver Elementary

I worked there from 8/2014 until 6/2015

Assistant Manager of Ticketing

• Managed employees and accounting in a professional ticket office with gross income of 80k+ monthly

Company: University of Denver Performing Arts Box Office

I worked there from 10/2011 until 5/2012

Graduate Research Assistant

• Conducted research funded by USA Swimming investigating high minority drowning factors • Data entry of 2000 surveys into SPSS and converted for results

Company: University of Memphis

I worked there from 8/2009 until 5/2010

Membership Development & Services Intern

• Coordination assistant of “Try Hockey Free Weekend,” a youth hockey event that involved 200 rinks and 6000+ kids

Company: USA Hockey

I worked there from 1/2011 until 4/2011

Athlete Services & Facilities Intern

• Managed athlete business center servicing technological needs of 250+ Olympic athletes • Coordinated athlete events: school assemblies, hospital visits, and football game travel accommodations

Company: United States Olympic Committee

I worked there from 8/2010 until 12/2010

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