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About Me

I love writing!  I possess over 13 years of marketing experience, so I know how to connect your message with your audience in a digestible and engaging way.

I've learned the important skill of organically infusing content with SEO keywords and phrases to reach your goals.

My goal is to build valuable content that drives results for your business.

I have written...

• Hundreds of TV commercials (ranging from co-op compliant car commercials to political ads, pharmaceuticals, finance, retail, dining, travel, education, commercial and residential services, PSAs, and many more)

• 100+ blog articles on technology, VFX, software, filmmaking, advanced manufacturing, non-profits, and more 

•Ad copy for websites, digital ads, e-mail marketing campaigns, print collateral, and more

•Feature-Length Screenplays for Film and TV

I'm ready to write for your next project and I am committed to your total satisfaction!

Industries I Write About


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My Writing Samples

How to Use Content-Aware Fill for Video in After Effects

This blog post breaks down one of Adobe's latest AI-powered tools for VFX, and walks users through a step-by-step process for achieving the best results with it. It's consistently a top-ranking post when searching for the tool on Google.


12 Tips on How to Render VFX Faster in Premiere Pro and After Effects

This article combined a common question with a list of valuable and practical tips for readers.


How to Get the Look of Your Favorite Movies in Premiere Pro CC 2019

This article creatively utilized a new feature in Premiere Pro for matching colors sequential video clips, by showing users how they can take a still image from their favorite movie and match the color of that look onto their video clips in one click.



Senior Commercial Editor

As a Senior Commercial Editor of a national agency, not only do I oversee the final production of our clients' commercials, but I also am instrumental in the creative campaign development and copywriting phases, and have written hundreds of 30-second commercials for TV and digital advertising. I also ensure our clients have copy points for social media, ensuring a cohesive campaign.

Company: Kernel

I worked there from 3/2013 until now


ActionVFX is the world's leading visual effects library. As the most frequent contributor to their blog, I have written over 100 articles ranging from filmmaking advice to complex VFX techniques and industry best practices. The ActionVFX Blog supports their core products by organically driving traffic to their site, and offering immediate solutions for VFX artists and studios around the globe.

Company: ActionVFX

I worked there from 1/2018 until now

Content I Write