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I am a professional English-speaking freelance writer. My specialties are online gambling topics, healthcare and articles about technology and science. I offer vast and accurate translations in English, as well as academic, technical and creative writing. Furthermore, I have experience in writing SEO content and can work with restrictive guidelines and keyword lists, or develop and research content ideas on my own. Proficient in English (fluent), currently studying physics and writing short stories in my spare time, I can offer you a wide range of writing services about a vast array of topics. If you're looking for a native English writer who can turn technical topics into something everyone can understand, then you've come to the right place.  Feel free to contact me anytime. 

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The Major Tricks to Get Promoted at Work

It’s shocking how completely clueless people are on how they can get promoted. Some are smart and hardworking, yet they don’t advance very far in their career. Contrary, others are of average intellect, hardly work beyond the minimum and enjoy promotions in their career. Attitude is a critical factor in getting promoted. Read more for vital tips that most don’t practice in their career. Do Everything with Pride, Passion, and Belief


North Korea Denies Accusation for $2 billion Cyber- Attacks on Banks and cryptocurrency Exchanges

On September 2, 2019, reports suggest that North Korea have refuted the accusations of cyber- attacks on banks and cryptocurrency exchanges to acquire $2 billion. North Korea blamed the United States for spreading rumours.  This news follows a UN report published by Reuters on August 5. The report stated that North Korea had acquired approximately $2 billion to fund weapons program. The said funds are reported to be stolen through cyberattacks from crypto exchanges and banks.  It's All Rumou


How On-demand Manufacturing Can Save You Cost

Manufacturing on demand is a versatile model that allows the end-user to order the exact volume of parts needed at the precise time of need. The following are the various way in which on- demand manufacturing can save you cost: It Improves Supply Chain Efficiency and Reduces TCO On-demand production enhances the efficiency of supply chain efficiency and reduces TCO, (total cost of ownership) for companies in various ways. The unique benefit is the capability.



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I write features, technical "how to" guides, news items and articles for various blog websites on a freelance basis. I also run several of my own successful blog websites.

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I wrote about product descriptions.

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I worked there from 5/2016 until 10/2018

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