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Words are power.

About Me

Words are power.

Do you want your idea or product to have a real impact? I can help you develop a voice and finally start getting shit done.

As a compelling writer and digital marketer for B2C and B2B companies, I am an adept storyteller who knows how to both cater to an audience and get a message across. I leverage growth marketing strategies to rapidly grow online presence.

I have 10 years experience in marketing and communications, including 7 years of content strategy. I am looking for remote work with an innovative, disruptive company who wants to grow their influence.

My eclectic background reveals my dynamic and adaptable personality - qualities that I have used to found companies, direct various marketing and public awareness campaigns, and communicate with populations around the world. With a B.A. from Wellesley College in Political Science and Italian and an M.A. from Central European University in Gender Studies, I am a social scientist by training that has specialized in power structures and development methods.

Now I use this knowledge to influence public opinion. Ask me about how I did this during my Fulbright Fellowship in Albania.

My technical specialties include the following:
• Digital Marketing and Strategy
• Project Management
• Content Management (Trello, Copycog, Wanderlist, Todoist)
• Social Media and Web Analytics (Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter)
• Social Media and Web Ads (Google Adwords, PPC, Bing)
• Social Media Strategy and Optimization (Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Socialpilot)
• Market Research
• E-mail Marketing (Mailchimp)
• Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access)
• Mac Suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iTunes)
• Google Suite (Drive, Docs, Calendar, etc.)
• CMS familiarity (Wordpress, Weebly, Wix)

Industries I Write About


Law & Politics


Health & Wellness

Science & Medicine




My Writing Samples

AI Technology Will Enhance Human Interaction, Not Replace It

The impact of artificial intelligence on today’s business structures and company cultures is often minimized to fantastic headlines claiming that a dystopian future awaits us all, when the reality is much less daunting — companies leveraging AI today are able to concentrate resources on customer experience (instead of technical labor), making businesses more responsive to clients. The future of AI in business is as an enhancer to human efforts, not a substitute in itself...


Why We Should Look Forward to an American GDPR

Have you noticed how often you now have to accept a website’s cookies or ad policies before you are able to fully access its web services? For many people, this is the only time they realize that the GDPR has taken affect. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in May of 2018, changing the ways that any company with customers based in the EU are required to treat customer data and protect their right to privacy...


Women in Tech: Combatting the Numbers through Mentorship

The technology sector is notoriously made up of white men, a fact very few leaders in the industry seemed to worry about until recently. No matter how you look at them, the statistics related to women in tech are disheartening...


International Health Insurance Plans

International health insurance plans range significantly in how much coverage is offered. While some plans can be practically as comprehensive as the average U.S.-based insurance plan, others provide policyholders with significantly less coverage than ACA compliance standards recommend. In most cases, the international health insurance plans that offer the most comprehensive coverage are also the ones with some of the highest premiums. Costs for international health insurance policies...


How Khaleesi Became a Statistic and the Patriarchy Won

Every Game of Thrones fan has come up with their own poignant list of all the reasons they are personally disappointed in the final season of the epic series by now. And why wouldn’t you — so many of the show’s narrative arches seemed to end mid-peak with a crash into a big, icy wall of nothingness. That doesn’t mean there is nothing to appreciate about the bleak finale, though. In fact, such an anticlimactic end was one of the best ways to demonstrate how the world really works...


Global Warming ‘Could Be’ Total Disaster? We’re Way Past That

xperts agreed in 2015 that if we did not cap global warming at another 0.5 degrees Celsius (0.9 degrees Fahrenheit), the effects will be “catastrophic” and “irreversible”. A panel of UN scientists recently predicted that it is all but impossible for us to meet that goal...


Credit Reports and Scores

Credit reports are summaries of a consumer’s financial history with various credit lending agencies. When a person applies for a new line of credit through a credit card or mortgage application, the lender uses the applicant’s credit score to determine if she or he is financially trustworthy. Credit scores in the U.S. range from 300 to 850 points. Most people aim to have at least a 700 credit score to be able to access decently priced credit offers...

https://financial-portal.org/credit-reports-and-scores/Credit reports are summaries of a consumer’s financial history with various credit lending agencies. When a person applies for a new line of credit through a credit card or mortgage application, the

How to Obtain a Boating License in Georgia

While Georgia boaters do not technically need to apply for a boating license to operate a boat in the state, many GA operators of water vessels are required to complete a state-approved education program before driving a boat. Boat operators can enroll in a certified boaters safety course either online or through a classroom-based program to receive the necessary qualification. All courses cover the same basic material concerning the safe operation of a variety of types of water vessels and...



Founder, Digital Growth Marketing Specialist

Strategic marketing for people who give a shit. Specializing in helping innovative companies and start-ups expand their market influence by using the latest SEO and growth hacking techniques. How? Like this: - Content strategy and multimedia post material for clients on multiple social media platforms - Cause marketing for innovative companies and startups, focus on increasing their lead generation and conversion - Oversee digital media marketing - SEO, social media, outgoing communications, etc

Company: Sassovivente

I worked there from 1/2014 until now

Social Media Content Creator

- Write weekly SM content for multiple clients across several industries (Business, Economic Consultancies, Cybersecurity, Technology, etc.) - Ideate, develop, research and write ghostwritten blogs for executive clientele - Graphic design for individualized images in SM posts - Strategize content material and organization - Actively contribute to client's content engagement strategy - Incorporate current events into content material and strategy - Maximize the reach of client specialties

Company: Qnary

I worked there from 12/2017 until 7/2019

SEO Content Writer

- Write onsite guide material, blogs, etc. enriched with SEO keywords (expertise in financial, technical and automotive industries) - Write comprehensive off-sight guide material in long-form - Write between 10,000 and 20,000 words a week (10-20 articles) on national subjects - Strategize content organization and source material

Company: OnPoint

I worked there from 2/2018 until 6/2019

Editor and Digital Marketing Strategist

- Edited weekly sex and relationships blog for overall message, grammar, and voice - Increased unique visitors to the website by 300% in 6 months and 600% in 15 months - Designed website SEO strategy and oversaw its implementation, including keyword research - Managed and wrote weekly newsletter for 2000+ email subscribers - Wrote website copy, academic articles, presentations, correspondence, announcements, etc.

Company: Be You Own Brand of Sexy - The Blog

I worked there from 5/2017 until 7/2018

Marketing Coordinator

- Oversee digital media marketing - SEO, social media, outgoing communications, overall content - Establish and reinforce relationships with potential clients using multilingual and multicultural skills - Head Marketer for all creative and marketing content (web, print, video, audio) of www.arcway.co - Oversee all inbound marketing systems and campaigns - Design various digital outreach material and PR material

Company: Arcway Industries, LLC

I worked there from 10/2015 until 10/2016

Content I Write