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A communication specialist that's enthusiastic about finance, event management, music, blogging, and business writing.

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10 Essential Tips For Scaling Down Your Wedding Cost

Planning a wedding is financially straining, especially if you and your partner are short of funds. Everything from the venue to the food, garments, décor, transport, and entertainment will cost you money. So, if you want to pull a stellar but decent wedding on a budget, here are the top tips that you can borrow to minimize your expenditure. Bye-bye Flowers Unfortunately, you have to wave goodbye to those carnations, lilies, and roses if you want to stay afloat after your wedding.


What Is Bitcoin

There has been much guesswork as to what Bitcoin is, with reason, of course. Well, a few years back, 2009, to be precise, an anonymous person used Satoshi Nakomoto as an alias, went online, and came up with this digital currency. He aimed at offering an alternative banking option that was not controlled by any government or any particular person worldwide. This currency works on a peer-to-peer platform, which means that there is no need for a middleman, as is the case in traditional banking.


Pamper Thy Vocal Chords

As a singer, you should already know that your vocal cords are your main tools of trade. As such, you need to treat them with the utmost care. The following practices will ensure that your chords stay healthy throughout and that you achieve your highest level of productivity anytime you practice. Hydrate because water is life Taking water is critical when it comes to hydrating your cords. You can never hit the high notes if your throat is always dry.


Exercising Fearlessness

Frankly, we can all say that 2020 started on the wrong foot. Globally, we’ve had to contend with several setbacks, the worst being this covid-19 outbreak. Now, if you are anything like me, you find yourself watching documentaries in a bid to understand the virus much better. While this is somewhat good, the potential consequences are fear, overthinking, and panic, the very things that our dear Lord commands us not to entertain. And with the current state of affairs, things look like they...


Organic Farming 101

Farming is one of the activities that humans have been practicing for centuries, mainly because we depend on plants and domesticated animals for food. In the early centuries, when technology was unheard of, humans would use readily available items within their environment to enhance their farm produce. Everything from the seeds to pest and weed control options, as well as storage of the harvest, was done using chemical-free items. There is a significant difference between organic and...



Digital Content Writer

Creating engaging and informative blog pieces about the company's services.

Company: The Custom Event

I worked there from / until now


Creating original blog articles about music, business, and event planning tips.

Company: customcontentwriters.wordpress.com

I worked there from / until now

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