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Freelance journalist and content marketer

About Me

I'm a journalist and content marketer with eight years of experience writing for web publications and producing branded content for small businesses. My reporting has appeared in various print and online publications, covering business and technology, politics, and arts & entertainment.

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Law & Politics


Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples

Fintech Startup Varo Money on Reshaping Financial Inclusion

Chief design officer August de los Reyes discusses the New American Dream


Want to Change Your Company Culture? Change Your Meetings

Interview with Darren Chait, founder of meeting notes software, Hugo.io


Policy Experts Discuss What a Trump Presidency Could Mean for Civil Rights

In the wake of the presidential election, concerned Brooklyn residents ask their local legislators "now what?"


These Sexual Health and Wellness Startups Excel at Discreet Customer Experiences

A wave of new brands is providing door-to-door delivery for wellness in the bedroom.


Experiential Marketing: Creative Ways Brands Build Customer Engagement

The best experiential marketing campaigns immerse customers in the product or brand philosophy to help them form memorable, emotional connections with the brand – usually by inducing feel-good emotions. Here, we examine the top campaigns by Volkswagen, Burger King and more.


Architects Design World's First Seismic-Proof Orphanage

When a 7.8-magnitude quake struck Nepal on April 25, 50 percent of the buildings in the affected region northwest of Kathmandu were destroyed. Intriguingly, one structure left intact was a building under construction. Meet the world’s first seismic-proof, self-sustaining orphanage.


3 Things US Retailers Can Learn from China's Largest E-Commerce Company

Alibaba's "New Retail" concept uses digital innovation to revive physical retail.


Working Families Party Looks to Unseat 'Corporate Democrats' in Upcoming Elections

A minor political party could make major waves this fall with its push for progressive legislation in support of working people.


Here's What You've Been Doing Wrong on Social Media, According to Seth Godin

Social media guru on why it's better to reach your "smallest viable audience" rather than the masses.


Why Voice Technology is the Next Frontier of the Patient Experience

As treatment costs balloon, patients seek ways to self-diagnose symptoms, track vitals like sleep quality and heart rate using wearables and query licensed doctors through chat applications regarding garden-variety ailments. Voice technology has emerged as the next frontier for self-service in healthcare, promising a more “human” experience and enabling users to access information quickly without navigating a complicated interface.


Brooklyn Museum Showcases Artists of the Black Power Movement

A newly-opened, mixed-media exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum pulls back the curtain on the black woman’s experience during the mid 1960s’ rise of second-wave feminism, a largely white, middle-class movement that ignored the black working-class poor.


Special Report: The Digital Customer Experience

The digital customer experience is the sum of digital interactions between a customer and a company, and the customer’s resulting impression of the brand. This includes front-end services and supporting back-office processes typically designed to provide speedier, more convenient customer support than offline channels.


[eBook] Building a Culture of Customer Success: The Ultimate Guide

No longer is customer success the sole responsibility of the contact center. It’s the result of all departments working in tandem to achieve the same goal:creating a great customer experience through product, marketing, branding, UX design and having an employee culture your team can be proud of.


The Rise of On-Demand Luxury

The sharing economy has given rise to a relatively new phenomenon known as luxury on-demand, and it's changing not only our relationship with high-end brands, but our aspirations and lifestyle. These startups offer an itinerant window into the lives of the one percent, when you want it and when you can afford it.


Brands as Storytellers: Analyzing the Content Strategy of Starbucks, WeWork and More

Consumers are trained to sniff out sales copy, like sponsored content masquerading as an editorial or clickbait email subject lines. For this reason, brands are investing in becoming multimedia powerhouses to maintain relationships with existing customers between purchases. Content creation also helps attract new customers; providing prospects with non-promotional information of value keeps the brand top-of-mind until they’re ready to buy.


This Rotational Savings App Lets You Pool Funds with Friends and Family

Esusu, a mobile app-based startup, is looking to disrupt the vicious cycle of poor credit leading to predatory loans to worse credit endured by the low-income community by bringing an ancient African rotational savings tradition into a digital form. Members form groups with trusted friends and family, and each month the pooled funds go to a different member of the group so that the respective contributors end up with more money than they started with.


When Big Data Goes Too Far: A Look Inside the Insurance Industry

Some insurers are tapping into datasets you didn’t even know existed to evaluate your risk as a potential policyholder. Many use data available in the public domain to assess your risk based on what you buy, how much TV you watch and what you post on social media.


A Look Inside the NYPD's Surveillance of Muslim Communities

A Bangladeshi immigrant teen living in Jackson Heights, Queens, is framed for shoplifting at a local department store. The New York Police Department brokers a deal with 18-year-old Naeem in exchange for immunity: spy on the local Muslim community for potential terrorist activity and we’ll keep you out of jail.


Seeing Through Propaganda: Chinese Millennials Want to be Heard

China’s economic boom after the Tiananmen massacre served to pacify the frustrated youth that had mounted the anti-Communist protests in 1989. But as the economy slows, Chinese millennials are overcoming what many refer to as state-induced amnesia.


Why Design Thinking is Necessary for an Excellent Customer Experience

Innovation consultant Colin Hunter teaches leaders to fail more often. Accepting failure goes hand-in-hand with the iterative mindset of design thinking, where you consistently observe the customer, gather facts about their persona and journey of interactions with your brand, and rejigger your product or service to better meet their needs.


4 Ways Prudential Uses Big Data for Customer Centricity

Used correctly, big data has the power to provide us with deeply personalized recommendations – not only what to watch on Netflix tonight or which vacuum cleaner to buy on Amazon, but to guide us through important yet deeply personal life decisions like investing and retirement.


TD Bank Designed an Omnichannel Strategy from Scratch - Here's How

The omnichannel experience essentially promises seamless movement between channels. TD’s new analytics modelling can now interpret about five years of consumer data in just 15 minutes, and if a customer walks into a branch having started an application for a mortgage online, the representative knows and can help the customer pick up where they left off.


In the Office of the Future, You Can Ride Your Bike to Your Desk, Says Global Architecture Firm NBBJ

In pondering the post-2025 office of the future, global architecture firm NBBJ believes in the power of “nudge architecture” as a counterpoint to alienating corporate culture and sedentary cubicle lifestyles.


How-To Guide: Choosing a WFM Provider

Workforce management has never been more important in a day and age where agents expect flexible schedules, self-service, integrated desktops and simple interfaces.


How-To Guide: Using AI to Personalize the Customer Experience

Personalizing the customer experience is a task that every organization knows is important, yet, few businesses are willing to strategically deliver. Individualizing the experience is more than firm handshakes and friendly smiles. It requires a robust infrastructure, one able to analyze actionable data and artificial intelligence. This report will help you change your contact center into a seat of personalization – a value creator that can turn AI into individualized customer experiences.



Digital Editor and Writer

Pitched and wrote business news and thought leadership articles on technology and business for CCWDigital.com. Produced podcasts, ebooks and webinars featuring interviews with executives from Amazon, Google, Verizon, Volkswagen and more. Promoted my work on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Covered major industry events including Social Media Week, X4 Summit and the O’Reilly AI Conference.

Company: CCW Digital

I worked there from 10/2018 until 11/2019

Freelance Reporter, Policy & Government

Reported on affordable housing, criminal justice and public education in various Brooklyn neighborhoods. Provided coverage of local elections by interviewing and profiling members of the New York City Council, New York State Assembly and Senate.

Company: The Brooklyn Reader

I worked there from 8/2016 until 6/2019

Content Marketing Consultant

Planned and generated editorial content for the blog on personal finance and small business growth. Managed Fibrick's social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as social networking sites for startups such as AngelList, Townsquared, Handshake, etc.

Company: Fibrick Financial Services

I worked there from 1/2018 until 10/2018

Marketing Coordinator

Managed all marketing communications for the Field Center, including social media, blog content, email marketing, press releases, and event promotion. Devised a content marketing strategy to help the Center increase student engagement.

Company: The Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship

I worked there from 7/2015 until 9/2018

Freelance Writer

Wrote occasional news stories about business and politics. Contributed original reporting and photography.

Company: Digital Journal

I worked there from 8/2014 until 1/2016

Assistant News Editor

Managed a team of writers and copy edited and proofed all article submissions prior to print. Planned long-form news features for the newspaper as well as regular weekly columns. Responsible for front-page layout of the print edition.

Company: The Ticker

I worked there from 8/2015 until 12/2015

Editorial Intern

Covered the latest news in architecture and design both locally and internationally for the print and web editions of the newspaper, with a focus on sustainable architecture. Authored three front-page stories for the newspaper's print edition.

Company: The Architect's Newspaper

I worked there from 1/2015 until 8/2015

Copy Editor

Edited, proofread and fact-checked all feature articles and advertorials before print to uphold editorial standards for business and lifestyle magazine distributed in Indonesia and Singapore. Contributed one Op/Ed article per issue for the 'Insight' section of the magazine offering commentary on career development and personal finance.

Company: InClover magazine

I worked there from 4/2013 until 3/2015

Freelance Features Writer

Wrote 2-4 feature articles per month for Indonesia’s largest English-language newspaper. Contributed to sister publications The Jakarta Post magazine, JPlus Weekly Lifestyle Supplement and Speak.

Company: The Jakarta Post

I worked there from 1/2012 until 7/2014

Content Consultant

- Establishing and implementing an editorial calendar for Q1 2020 of Springboard’s inaugural software engineering career track. - Producing SEO content including blog posts, knowledge articles, interactive quizzes and gated white papers to generate leads and establish Springboard as a content authority.

Company: Springboard

I worked there from 12/2019 until now

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