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About Me

I am Abiye Benibo. I have been drawn to the art of writing from a tender age. I didn't choose literary studies as a course of study but my passion for the art has made me consider it for a career. I have a very strong imagination, and a unique writing style that makes me stand-out.  I also have a great turnaround time so as to satisfy the clients.

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These are insanely talented gentlemen you are dealing with here. These are witty men who write bitingly smart sentences and have outrageous comebacks for every thought you are yet to hold. They sing great songs - unusual melodies that tug at your heart at first listen. They brew intelligence and trans-historical poetry into rap. They have no bad art. They will charm you and puzzle you and you will take many moments out of your day to wonder exactly how their minds work.




I transcribe audio/video documents to text. I was highly proficient and had a rating of 4.5. I am keen to following instructions thereby maintaining a high accuracy standard.

Company: Rev

I worked there from 4/2017 until 6/2019

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