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About Me

born and raised in the sun-stricken city of Tucson Arizona, I'm an aspiring creative writer with interest in games, films and the industries they encompass. In my down time i enjoy to write, read, play games, watch films and cook delicious food. From my hobbies i stay up to date on where the industries are going and how the world is being shaped by them. 

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novel writing sample

Winter chills rattled the windows like shivering bones set against ringing bells. The schools labs always were kept at a low temp setting to keep the agar plates ready, sectioned and labeled in lockers surrounded by black ceramic tables and metal stools that were unbearable to sit in. white shafts of light prodded into the rooms like milky fingers. The tables sat in rows and the chairs were either stowed away in pushpin compartments or left out to eventually annoy the cleaning crew.




established and maintained message curation for the company, ensuring detailed and precise messages were sent and received punctually.

Company: Contact One Call Center

I worked there from 2/2016 until 3/2019

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