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Ad Copy and Ghostwriting

About Me

I enjoy writing creative ad copy, especially copy that tells a story. 

      My journey through the wild world of wordcraft began in jail. No, I wasn’t incarcerated; I was employed. 

     As a deputy, working the graveyard shift, after all the little criminals drifted off to sleep, dreaming of their drug-fueled raves, drive-by shootings and spousal abuse, in the dim and dismal silence, I’d write, and guzzle caffeinated beverages, and write some more, crafting sentence after sentence, many of which were run-on sentences, much like this one, which I then deleted, dismayed by so many words misbehaving between periods. 

     Jail being jail, and not the friendliest place to one’s mental health, this creative outlet helped me keep my sanity—well, most of my sanity. But hey, sometimes a twisted brain can be an asset.

     Short stories sashayed across my computer screen, some impressive, some (ahem) not so impressive. One story broke into the top ten of the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest, so that was nice.

     I ghostwrote a memoir for a former police officer who, in 2014-2015, received national attention, his story appearing on a multitude of media outlets, from Fox News to Salon Magazine. The memoir was published in 2018, titled: Dispatched: Conscience or Conformity.

     Most recently, my first novel gasped, rose and stumbled into life. This young adult science fiction novel will be published in June of 2020. 

     I’ve written ad copy for a variety of products, from a slingshot to BBQ supplies. 

     I enjoy using my experience with fiction and nonfiction, mixed with a dash of humor and a pinch of the bizarre, to create what I fondly refer to as “Story-Selling.”

     Your brand is a story; let me help you tell it.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Is Bigfoot the Aquaman of the Forest?

Facebook ad for JOAD Enterprises


Of Devils and Golden Smokers

Ad copy story for GSA (Grilling and Smoking Association).


A Tale of Sweet Romance and Smoked Brisket

Ad copy story for GSA (Grilling and Smoking Association).


Sample Chapter of Memoir

Sample of my ghostwriting for the Memoir, "Dispatched: Conscience or Conformity."



Copywriter and Ghostwriter

Freelance copywriter and ghostwriter.

Company: Writing Spice

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