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CCAPP Certifed Mental Health Peer Recovery Specialist

About Me

I have been in recovery from addiction since 1985 and have worked with thousands of individuals who suffer not only from SUD (Substance Use Disorder) but all manner of behavioral based addictions as well. My perspective is that of someone down in the mud, the blood and the tears of real world recovery and the true costs not only to the sufferers, but society as well. 

Over the years I have worked with individuals from all walks and strata of life, teenagers to the retired, famous to infamous, prosperous to those living hand to mouth, adamant atheists to convicted Christians suffering from all manner of intoxicant and behavior-based addictions as well as those who love and care about them, both as a member in recovery Fellowships and as a treatment professional laying out for them the tools of recovery, tailored to their needs, without regard to station, standing or my personal beliefs.  

Since 1971 over a Trillion dollars has been spent on a war on drugs. Yet according to the Center for Disease Control deaths from drug overdoses continue to climb. In 2017 70,237, 192 per day, 1 every 8 minutes on average, and this does not reflect the 100’s of thousands dying of other addiction related causes and illness. 

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported 2.5 million people sought help for addiction in America in 2017 out of the nearly 21 million (1 in 13 above the age of 12) who meet the criterion for Substance Use Disorder (SUD). Utilizing these numbers roughly 12% (down from 18% in 2016) of those needing help received any. Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act the Addiction Treatment Industry has grown to over 13,000 treatment facilities nationwide, yet despite this growth today in America the #1 killer of adults under 50, according to the Department of Justice, is addiction.   

If nothing changes, nothing will change and a generation will be sacrificed to addiction.

I have over 4000 blog posts at Living In Spirit and over 800 YouTube videos found at Vincent Lee Jones.

Creator of the Miracles of Recovery Project

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My Writing Samples

Miracles Of Recovery Project

A web page I designed and constructed laying out a new path in addiction treatment incorporating all current recovery modalities in a format bridging generations but with a real focus on this and coming generations reliance on instantaneous communication, social media, and a preference for electronic interactions. It creates links between professional recovery and outside recovery communities while creating new sustainable income streams.


Autism, Addiction and Me

A piece about "fitting in" and learning to "hide" in plain sight.


MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatmnet) and Suboxone

Some real world truth concerning MAT and Suboxone.


Chits and Giggles

A lighthearted look at the "Doom and Gloomers" we come across in the course of life and living.




Over the last 20+ years I have worked with thousands of individuals from all walks of life, teenagers to the retired, famous to infamous, prosperous to those barely getting by to the homeless and dispossessed; suffering from all manner of intoxicant and behavior-based addictions. Working without compensation in homeless shelters to compensated positions in treatment centers, witnessing firsthand and assisting with the day to day struggles and challenges they face.

Company: Self Employed

I worked there from 1/2005 until now

Spiritual Advisor

I have been working with and counseling the addicted and disposed one on one for many years. Though I am an ordained minister, I avoid dogma, instead approaching them from the position of we are all connected, and no one should be left behind or marginalized, utilizing any spiritual approach that touches them. Talking with them, not preaching at them, for when a heart speaks, hearts listen.

Company: Self

I worked there from 1/1995 until now


Building contractor/designer for 30 years. Journeyman level experience in Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Flooring and Ceramic Tile. Have designed and built everything from simple deck covers to million dollar+ spec homes.

Company: VLJ Construction

I worked there from 1/1983 until 1/2013

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