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Medical journalist working in Ireland and the UK

About Me

I’m an Irish journalist living in Dublin, Ireland; writing about health and wellness for national media outlets in Ireland, the UK and previously in Sydney, Australia. I'm a member of the Medical Journalists Association UK, and have worked in medical writing since 2007.

This background combined with SEO training means I can find the best keywords and headlines for your company's message. And deliver a great return on your investment.

My experience can be beneficial to you as I have learned how to seek out unique case-studies which illustrate a solution or problem to good effect, delve into detailed reports and lift out the key points and craft all of this together in clean, error-free copy to tight deadlines. I can add human interest to your institution’s story, or analyze data to tell your story in a relatable way. And the same goes for smart-health gadgets and apps, I know how to cut through the sparkle to find the best way to promote your product.

My interest in health and wellness writing comes from an earlier career in sport, competing at elite level in martial arts. So I still keep up with the lastest trends in fitness, especially for women's health.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Health benefits of sport for girls

Analysis of why teens need access to sport including mental health and the significant physical benefits.


Doctors discuss how crossborder care works in Ireland

GPs and consultant doctors interviewed on their daily experience, as part of a series on Brexit and healthcare.


Children and access to disabilitiy services

Using a case-study to show flaws in a government health policy on care for children with disabilities.



Freelance health journalist

I write on health including case-studies, interviews, analysis and reports on health policy and actions for national media including The BMJ (UK) and The Irish Mail on Sunday (Ireland)

Company: Self-employed

I worked there from 4/2018 until now

Health Correspondent

I covered health including explainers of complex medical breakthroughs, scientific updates on research, case-studies and interviews, analysis of policy and financial changes to health systems.

Company: Irish Mail on Sunday

I worked there from 10/2013 until 1/2018

Content I Write