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About Me

I provide digital marketing agencies with the exceptional content that helps them engage their target audience and generate leads.

I started out in my writing career because I was tired of a lack of quality content about tennis. So, I used my experience as an internationally ranked junior player and started my own website.

As soon as I started running my website, I was hooked on SEO and the amazing potential it has. Now, I love to put everything I have learned into my writing, doing two things I love, writing and SEO. 

I can still write a mean tennis article, but digital marketing is where my real passion is at. 

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Freelance Writer

As a digital marketing freelance writer, I have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, helping them expand their content creation while maintaining their voice. Through engaging content, and a deep understanding of all things digital marketing, I help agencies reach their target audience and create leads.

Company: William Palmer Writing

I worked there from 11/2018 until now


I am a content creator and co-owner of thetennisbros.com, a tennis website that gets around 50,000 visitors a month. We are a popular source for all things tennis related and are continuing to grow month on month. Running my own website has allowed me to better understand what my freelance clients are looking for in my work and allows me to offer a service that makes those clients' lives as easy as possible.

Company: thetennisbros.com

I worked there from 11/2018 until now

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