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I write so people understand.

About Me

I've been both an avid reader and writer since I was young, which I believe go hand in hand if you want to excel at either.  As a career, I've been in education for the last 20 years, ranging from Language Arts to Pre-engineering, and even shop class!  Outside of my career, I'm an avid homebrewer, with a few award-winning beers under my belt.  Without the radio on, I'm pretty much useless, and as my moods change, so does the music.  Some days call for Slayer, other days Nina Simone.  It all depends on the mood.

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Nomination Form

Company asked me to write up a nomination prerequisite for their President's Club. Names have been removed.


Short journey of an educator

Quick blurb I wrote up for a newspaper article that asked me about my journey as a STEM educator




I have taught middle school for the past 20 years, including Language Arts, Pre-Engineering, and Shop Class. All of these classes have included writing components, whether it be as an actual assignment, or supplementary to an assignment. In preparation for this, I studied English at The University of Iowa, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts.

Company: CUSD #303

I worked there from 8/1999 until now

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